The Words of the Matsuyama Family

Japanese members visit front line of the Republic of Korea Army

Koji Matsuyama
February 1971

Mr. Matsuyama presents gifts to Commanding Officer

40 members of Japanese Family led by Mr. Koji Matsuyama, Director of Adult Department, Japanese HSA-UWC, visited the 26th Division, the Republic of Korea Army located in the front line on February 10th by Association bus. They were welcomed by the Deputy Commanding Officer, a brigadier general of the Division and gave him plentiful gifts including Korean instant food "Sokogi Ramyun" for officers and men promoting mutual understanding and friendship between Korea and Japan.

Japanese members with officers in front of Hq, Division

One star general ushered them in the Korean Traditional Karate Hall, rifle range and Anti-communist Hall. Especially in the Anti-communist Hall, they who have studied communism logically had come to realize the brutality of north puppet regime of Communists having study of the exhibition of North Korea's 

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