The Words of the Matsuyama Family

Father! Please forgive us for our debt

Kozo Matsuyama
May 2, 1970
Tokyo, Japan

Dear True Parents

I heartily glorify your names and am really grateful to you for your blessing us good for nothing. I was much impressed with the feeling of revival when we drank the holy wine.

I have heard that though there is a position of blessing but there is nobody who has been worthy to be blessed.

Attaining my first anniversary of blessing, I'm willing to make fresh start. About a few days ago, when I got in touch with a Korean real estate agent named Mr. Kim Kyu Hoe and heard from him about the Japanese dominion over Korea, I grieved much.

President Kuboki once said that there may be difference of weight of indemnity among the generations of 40's, 50's and 60's.

Our Father said that if he tells us about variety of persecution he got from Japan, everyone, particularly all Japanese family members should make an indemnity for it.

Now I shed tears of profound gratitude for parental affection.

Father! Please forgive us for our debt.

No matter how heart-felt we are grateful for your loving Japan without cursing her despite impermissible sin, we can never thank you enough.

As a result of continuous negotiation with Rissio Koseikai, we obtain their consent in using Fumonkan for the meeting hall of 16th WACL conference. In preparation for the WACL conference, we have been trying to do our best.

The Union of Korean Residents in Japan and The Hankook Ilbo are in close cooperation with us.

Going to Seibu Department to buy envelope to enclose invitation card to the Korean Union of Residents in Japan,• a good fountain pen which attracted my attention made me unable to contain myself in buying it for your use.

Hearing from Japanese family member now in Korea that Mother was just like as a princess when she walked around the Secret Garden, I prepared a purse for mother.

I sincerely hope the purse suit her taste.

Ever glory, peace and happiness to Parents.

Sincerely yours
Kozo Matsuyama 

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