The Words of the Maseko Family

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Africa Day Observed in Johannesburg (K.P. Meth and J.S. Maseko - May 25, 2014)

UPF South Africa meets the Executive of All African Federation of Churches (JS Maseko - October 7, 2014 pdf)

UPF-South Africa Leadership Has Mandate to Bring Peace in communities (J. S. Maseko - December 4, 2015 pdf)

South Africans Encouraged to Use Peace Principles (J.S. Maseko - January 19, 2016 pdf)

Building nonviolent South Africa seminar with different groups in Johannesburg (Jabu Solly Maseko - September 2, 2016 pdf)

120 dignitaries at a gala honor new UPF South African Ambassadors for Peace (Jabu Solly Maseko - December 2, 2016 pdf)

Johannesburg, South Africa holds an Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival (Jabu Solly Maseko - August 12, 2017 pdf)

Revelation Church of God prepares for South Africa's continental blessing (Jabu Solly Maseko - October 2019 pdf)

In South Africa Pastors of the Revelation Church of God trained as Mobilizers (Jabu Solly Maseko - October 7, 2019 pdf)

WFWP South Africa: Giving For Good Transforms The Lives Of Poor In Soweto (Gwendoline Tshimbana - November 2, 2021 pdf)

WFWP South Africa: A Better Future Through The Mmangwana Literacy Project (Flory Ledwaba - March 12, 2022 pdf)

CEN-SAD Virtual Conference: "Education and Capacity Building of African Youth" (Jabu Solly Maseko - December 23, 2022 pdf)

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