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UPF International Leadership Conference South America in Paraguay (Arístides Rondan Maimy - October 12, 2016 pdf)

Paraguay held Ceremony of bestowing of the Four Holy Items of Cheon Il Guk (Arístides Rondan Maimy - November 13, 2016 pdf)

Tong-il Moo-do and Il Won Do style training workshop for students in Paraguay (Arístides Rondan Maimy - December 4, 2016 pdf)

The Third Home Group Festival for the Victory of Vision 2020 in Paraguay (Arístides Rondan Maimy - December 11, 2016 pdf)

Paraguay's 2-day seminar for pastors, leaders of organizations and home groups (Arístides Rondan Maimy - March 26, 2017 pdf)

Shin Dong Mo speaks on our life of faith at Special Meeting in Paraguay (Arístides Rondan Maimy - March 26, 2017 pdf)

International Association of Parliamentarians for Peace Paraguay Launched (Arístides Rondan Maimy - April 25, 2017 pdf)

Divine Principle workshop for WFWP associate members in Asuncion, Paraguay (Arístides Rondan Maimy - May 20, 2017 pdf)

Paraguay's Paz Del Chaco Cup Soccer Tournament testifies to FFWPU and CARP (Arístides Rondan Maimy - June 12, 2017 pdf)

Inter-styles Seminar for the Paraguayan Association of Tong il Moo do (Arístides Rondan Maimy - June 25, 2017 pdf)

CARP Paraguay's Project to Give New Value to Old Products (Arístides Rondan Maimy - December 23, 2017 pdf)

Youth and Students for Peace (YSP) Paraguay officially launched in Ita (Arístides Rondan Maimy - February 24, 2018 pdf)

ACLC and WFWP Paraguay's Special Education Seminar for Peace Ambassadors (Arístides Rondan Maimy - May 25, 2018 pdf)

Peace Road Paraguay 2018 Launched at the National Congress of Paraguay (Arístides Rondan Maimy - June 8, 2018 pdf)

ACLC Paraguay's Interreligious Blessing Ceremony in Divine Mercy Sanctuary (Arístides Rondan Maimy - October 27, 2018 pdf)

Reflections from Paraguay's Hyojeong CheonBo Special Workshop 2019 (Arístides Rondan Maimy - May 26, 2019 pdf)

WFWP, UPF and ACLC Paraguay Had Their End of the Year 2019 Meeting (Arístides Rondan Maimy - November 30, 2019 pdf)

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