The Words of the Maierhofer Family

On 8th of March in 1968, I came to Zurich from Vienna

Bernhard Maierhofer
August 6, 1970
Zurich, Switzerland

Mr. Bernhard Maierhofer

Dear Mrs. [Won Pok] Choi;

I had a very great joy to get a letter from you, and felt also very much thanks for the sending of "The Way of the World".

Now I will give you a short report of my activities in Switzerland.

On 8th of March in 1968, I came to this Zurich from Vienna by my car. And at the first time I got a little room in the center of the town (Augustinerg) for my living. But now I got a big room in the vicinity of the church. At this church Ulrich Zwingli started the Reformation (Kirchgasse 38).

To teach our Principles, I met many people and many groups of the society.

I connected with many groups of students and churches but I couldn't make a good result.

I heartily hope that I can find a man who will go to the way of Our Unification Faith with me.

Greetings to you and our True Parents

Bernhard Maierhofer 

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