The Words of the Kannan Family

Please let me follow Divine Principles way

Tomoyasu Kannan
October 22, 1970
Tokyo, Japan

Dear True Parents

Gratitude and glory to you.

It is the first time for me to write you. I am a freshman, the general culture course, Tokyo University named Tomoyasu Kannan.

It was at the district special training held at Atsugi, Kanagawa between September 13th and 16th last year when I got in touch with the Divine Principles led by Mr. Takao Akazawa.

Judging from the behaviors and activities of Lecturer Sawaura, Mr. Akazawa and other brothers and sisters, I came to realize the Principles the great truth, and for the profound study I joined in 72nd special training held at the same above between September 24th and October 6th.

Prior to the conversion, I had been a faithful servant and slave of Satanic World with all the elements of sin-lust, arrogance avarice etc.

Now, I'm full of gratitude and joy of revival, in other words, I was given the very place to make sacrifice of life.

Thin as my faith is and though lingering about between good and evil, I am really willing to bear the part of the burdens (of the cross) True Parents have been doing in close connection with True Father and senior brothers and sisters. I'm strongly feeling the necessity of transmission of the Principles that will be sure to bring about the disclosure of the existence of Heavenly Father for the indemnity of various undutifulness to Heaven.

Mr. Nishikawa once said, "A student of Tokyo University who accepted the Principles will leave for India for the transmission of the Principles immediately after the graduation from the University, but he will be martyred in the long run, and according to the police investigation it will prove for him to have graduated from Tokyo University the highest seat of learning Japan and brought benefit to India, so the Gospels will be spread out promptly throughout India by his successor." If it be possible, please let me follow the way.

My best wishes to True Parents, children and all Korean families.

Truly yours,

Tomoyasu Kannan 

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