The Words of the Huinink Family

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I started a 40 day condition to lay a foundation in Greece (Herman Ten Bokkel Huinink - November 28, 1969)

After God's Day I made a 3 day fast (Herman Ten Bokkel Huinink - January 31, 1970)

I got a job as proofreader for an English-Greek newspaper (Herman Ten Bokkel Huinink - June 30, 1970)

Report on the Unified Family in Greece (Herman Ten Bokkel Huinink - October 31 -- November 2, 1970)

Corrie and I are very thankful for having received this blessing on October 21 (Herman and Corrie Ten Bokkel Huinink - December 25, 1970)

We want heartily to have some spiritual children in Greece (Corrie and Herman Huinink - February 3, 1971)

The first chapter of the Divine Principle was translated into Greek (Herman and Corrie ten Bokkel Huinink - February 24, 1971)

The second person accepted the True Parents this month (Herman Ten Bokkel Huinink - March 25, 1971)

We are translating the Divine Principle, from English into Greek (Herman Ten Bokkel Huinink - May 1, 1971)

We can report that again one person has accepted the Divine Principle (H. Ten Bokkel Huinink - October 24, 1971)

The Providence of God will quickly become a part of everyday speech for people (Herman ten Bokkel Huinink - January 1, 1972)

The Greek translation of the Divine Principles was stenciled (Herman ten Bokkel Huinink - September 29, 1972 pdf)

The Greek Family had finishing the Divine Principle into Greek (Corrie ten Bokkel Huinink - April 6, 1973 pdf)

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