The Words of the Brugman Family

Feeling What God Our Heavenly Parent Feels

Kevin Brugman
February 26, 2014

Jesus was sorrowful representing God's painful heart. Your sorrow should be more than three times as painful as Jesus'. God's heart has the sorrow of having lost the ideal of creation and the historical sorrow of having sent prophets and saints to make them fight with Satan for the purpose of realizing this Will.
Rev. Sun Myung Moon, The Way of God's Will

I joined the Unification Church, as a Christian, because Rev. Sun Myung Moon provided a much deeper understanding of Jesus. I learned to appreciate Jesus even more. But even more important than that, I learned how to relate to the heart of Jesus; and follow his teachings.

Christianity teaches that God predestined the Fall of Man. Isn't that odd? Most reasonable people would agree that tempting your own children with something that would cause them to suffer and "die", is just plain weird; but Christians hold onto their belief. They fear that giving up the beliefs they were taught, is the same as giving up their faith. It doesn't have to be that way.

The Exposition of the Divine Principle, a profound explanation of Biblical history, explains that God gave humans free will, so that we could actually grow to resemble and inherit God's true love; because true love requires freedom. So, God, our Heavenly Parent, took a risk. God knew we could choose to love him or not. Adam and Eve chose to believe in, and follow Lucifer (the snake in the Bible) instead.

Do you think that God might have felt angry, sad, betrayed? I think God had those feelings. It's apparent in the Bible, that Jesus had those feelings too. Many Christians explain this away by saying that this was the "human" side of Jesus. What?!? Sorry, but that's a really lame explanation.

Is God really a feeling-less being, who had to create Jesus to understand us "humans" better. Where did we get our ability to feel emotion anyway? That explanation is just simply ridiculous. The question here is: How do we learn to resemble God? What do we do with feelings of anger, bitterness, and sadness? Do we choose to forgive, or do we betray those we love?

Jesus resembled God; because even though he felt completely betrayed, even by God, he chose the path of love and forgiveness. He gave something back to God, that Adam and Eve failed to give: absolute faith, love, and obedience to God's will. He loved God as a True Son; and he helped us to understand the heart of our Heavenly Father.

How about you? 

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