The Words of Reverends Bergman

Home Church Leader's Meeting 1/21/80

Dr. Bergman

Rev. (Won Pil) Kim was called upstate and asked me to allow the department heads to testify to the Home Church work of your members. Through this meeting we can gain a realistic understanding of your problems and the solutions will come through you. If you've already dealt with another person's problems, you will be able to help each other. In this way we will be able to advance the home church work in your department and in New York.

Nick Buscovich:

Rev. Kim spoke to us on Saturday and we've made a review of our Home Church work based on his suggestion. We are hoping that everyone can move out into their area in groups. So far it has been hard to create unity because of differing schedules. Until we come together we will not feel enough excitement to do Home Church. We reorganized the business aspect on January first. The hope was in the value that we are all able to contribute. This still involves further organization. We will have 6 Itinerant Workers (I. W.s) by department and the basic plan is to find 10 houses in New York in which to live according to group. Unity will solve the problems of manpower and money to support each center. We really have to free ourselves enough to do Home Church. Because of these changes many people are feeling revitalized and are rededicating themselves to the News World.

Dr. Bergman:

There has been a question as to whether individual members should try to get a job and earn money to rent an apartment in their Home Church areas. Actually, a Home Church is the home of a home member. The apartment of center members is called a "Satellite Center" not a Home Church. The best way to be part of a community is by visiting and serving the residents of the area. Another question, therefore, is if we should try to move into the home of a home member. The answer is yes, if it really helps in your work in the area. But the goal of your Home Church work is not to find someone to live with. Members should put their hearts in their areas first, and it is not necessary to move there if your heart is really there. Living with, and serving many people makes a lot of sense and if you have a particular situation regarding this you can consult our office here.

Pier Angelo:

Culture and Design Studio was involved in doing many projects for other departments. We have been working on the home study course and video tapes projects. We want to finish all these soon. We have invested time in the past in our areas but recently we have been forced to abandon our areas because of our work. Since 1980 we have been trying to go to our areas for prayer at least 40 minutes. If we spend time to pray in our areas then very substantial things can happen. People have really changed since our 40 minute prayer and we have found some very interesting people. We pledged to try to finish our work quickly and do Home Church work every day. We've been giving out the flyer of the rainbow project. There has been good response to this.

Dr. Bergman:

The members at East Sun Garage have been doing their Home Church work using this flyer as well. They have found it to be useful. Many members have found that it is difficult to account for your identity when you are doing door to door witnessing. There is an internal reason for this. Satan is trying to block the providence, and members often feel anxiety. That is a spiritual mountain sometimes for the members. Actually it can be overcome by using various techniques which are available to approach the people.

1) You can go as representatives for the News World.
2) You can try using a questionnaire.
3) You can use the Rainbow Project flyers for service activities.
4) You can try the direct approach.

The Culture and Design department is an example of a department who is not able to go out into their areas because of the central figure has given direction not to at this time. They have at least made the condition to pray in their area and through this something can happen.

The Rainbow Project can be used as a personal service project according to your schedule. We shouldn't spend more than one hour in a service project, however. It is better to do 10 service projects of one hour each than to do one 10 hour service project. Use wisdom in this area because Satan is trying to invade our Purpose and our use of time.

Neil Shukerow:

I felt how hard members were working and how much the people love our members, by going out with them into their areas. I feel that the response of the people is due mainly because the members have been very consistent in going out everyday and providing much service to their areas. In my area, I tried the Rainbow Project flyer. I found the News World took a longer time to develop relationships, but through service we have been finding very interesting people. People talk with you about many things and eventually they really begin to share their heart with you. On Christmas Eve we did caroling in our area and we had some really deep experiences. We collected about 30 dollars in donations from them because they were very moved. By going out every day we can reach people who were at one time very negative. I've found that it is essential that the leaders go out with the members. Then a breakthrough between the leader and the member can really be made. I could see many changes in my relationship with my members occur before my very eyes when I spend time to go out with them.

Dr. Bergman:

This is an example of someone who took Rev. Kim's advice to heart. An important key in the victory of Home Church is that you go out with your members into their areas. There is one other example of this. The other day I was speaking to a leader about the apparent barrier of one of his members to do Home Church. The problem of this member was that he didn't have any confidence to ring the doorbells of the people. The solution to the problem of his member was that the leader had never gone out with his members, and actually help him to overcome this point of difficulty. Some members have problems to go into their areas in the first place. If you cannot help your members at the point on difficulty, then you must come to Rev. Kim's office and seek his advice. Even my own personal mission has changed from just going to visit the leaders to actually going out into the areas of the members and helping them at the point of their difficulty.

Mr. Salonen (Dr. Bergman and others):

New York Church members are very dedicated and have been working very hard faithfully doing Home Church. They have followed any direction, although the directions about Home Church have changed, and the system is always under improvement. We have formed the Mid-Town Church at 43rd St. They will run the storefronts and use the family lounge. Participating in the program will be 3 kinds of members. They will be new members, re-trainees who need spiritual refreshment, and part time witnessers who were formerly called " Harmony Group." These members are not assigned to 360 homes and are given basic training in witnessing and fundraising. They are also trained to do Home Church. The Lincoln Center Church will also begin work in Manhattan. Every Sunday night is family night and everyone is invited for dinner and a short talk. We are starting P. R. work and lecture training programs. A 40 national training program will begin, as well as a Master Speaks workshop.

About how the witnessing activities are progressing, there is an interesting story about one of our center leaders who saw one of his members leaving their area. He went over and talked with this member and they began to work in the area of the first brother. They worked together and had several deep experiences. Then he began to work on his own again and immediately met someone from his home town whom he hadn't seen in 5 years.

Because he had built up vitality by working together with the other brother who was having difficulty he could find help from spiritual world to encounter this person.

It is hard to be a good member in New York. Sometimes our attitude at Father's speech is embarrassing. Sometimes members express that they have been hearing too much from Father and accomplishing too little. What I feel that members are really doing sometimes is just sleeping late. Many times members feel so burdened by the changing situation in New York and are unable to connect to Father. The relationship to Father is the key point. The members aren't receiving Father's words as love. Also we are not making the proper foundation to receive the Messiah. Members are watching the leader and really are affected by the leader and his relationship with Father. From now on I feel that the leaders should go, and we should think of Father's life and determine to protect him.

Mr. Sudo:

Owing to the excellent guidance by Mr. Salonen, I can feel much inspiration in my new mission. I will be re-installing the education system like it was in Barrytown. The training of the future will be 2, 7, and 21 day workshops, as well as 40 days. The next step is 3 years MFT (Mobile Fund Raising Team), and then 3 years Home Church. We want to establish three major training centers -- East and West Coast and Midwest. Those who haven't gone to 21 days should go, even those of us here. Father will personally choose the staff members.

Father is giving to all of mankind, not just to us. We have to feel like our motivation is pure to see Father, not out of obligation. Father is introducing us to God, even though it seems like he doesn't notice us. By making an effort to connect to Father's heart, we can feel deep love. If there is only one point that we understand in Father's speech, we should really pray about that one point and make the change in our hearts that he asks you to make.

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