The Words of Reverends Bergman

Home Church Leader's Meeting 12/10/79

Dr. Bergman

Rev. (Won Pil) Kim is still traveling, he is due back here tomorrow. He promised the leaders of the major Northeast Cities that he would visit them all before God's day. If there are any testimonies or experiences that you would like to share, even if it is only concerning your particular mission, you can feel to share it at this time.

Nick Buscovich:

We met with Father yesterday, all of the department heads of the News World. Father talked to us from 8 am to 2 pm. Father made our goal and purpose on the News World very clear. He asked us if we knew who our enemy was -- our enemy is the New York Times and Washington Post. But our goal is to educate them, to educate the media world. From now the News World will make a new start. Jesse Epps is working with Mr. Sudo on a very good plan to distribute the News World. It will involve 100,000 people in the New York area.

For the first time since we began our paper, there will be national advertising in our paper. We are hoping that this will help in the circulation of our paper.

Father gave us his testimony of his work in this country, and it was so moving when he explained to us these things. He knows exactly where we are at and he is training us, we can't do anything without his training. We individually must go through hell, and lay our own foundation or else we cannot lead others. We really have to have faith in him. I can really testify how much he loves us. We don't realize the depth of heart that he is investing in this country. His main theme was how much guts we have to accomplish. He spoke about Jesus' life, our life is the "Living Cross", the same path of Father's.

Dr. Bergman:

We have to see our experiences as challenges and training. Rev. Kim turns things to advance, turning negative situations into good ones. He always is looking -- where is God and where is Satan in this situation. Then he will attempt the God's way and defeat Satan. Father always stresses that we must have faith because his plans are 10 years ahead of us. We have to persevere during these years in between.

Peter Courtright:

I experienced the 2 day workshop last weekend, My guest was Muslim and of course the Divine Principle is based on the Judeo-Christian teachings of the Bible. It was a little alien to him. At the staff members meeting, Bento explained to us that the 2 day program should be a source of love and joy. Then in the 7 day workshop we can ask them to make their commitment. The most inspiring part of the workshop was the Love of God, and how it transforms people. Although he couldn't understand the Divine Principle so deeply, he was really moved by the workshop itself. He then could experience for the first time in his life the real love that comes from the heart of God, and not only through faith.

Mr. Hiraide:

Our guests stay with us for a month and during that time we try to educate them to become members. We started doing this about 4 years ago, and since that time we have restored 60 or 70 people. Our method now is to advertise a Japanese association seminar that only costs $5.00 to attend. They will come, then, to study the Bible, and end up staying with us. We now have 5 guests staying with us, and we are teaching the Divine Principle to them.

World Relief Friendship Foundation:

I'm a theologian, but I was asked to find out about shipping goods, after I joined the Unification Movement. When I became actually interested in this, it sparked the interest of others, including Father. Since that time we've made shipments to Zaire, Dominican Republic, and other places. We can get rather large donations from wonderful interested people just over the telephone now.

Dr. Bergman:

Rev. Kim has been asking us to research the members who are excited about Home Church, and maybe they can get involved with Project Volunteer or WRFF. This can be connected with the Community Front Line and we can substantially serve the people that way. We have received a list of 70 names of people who have shown some degree of enthusiasm about the Home Church Providence and we will announce a meeting with these members and Rev. Kim, some time soon. We would like to work with these to really forge ahead and get a substantial foundation to work with.

Workshop Report:

This past weekend we had many center members possibilities. The workshop itself was highlighted by the fact that we decided to merge the 7 day and 2 day entertainment programs together. A joyful explosion took place. It was like a big family reunion. We had 16 guests, 10 from N.Y. Church, and 6 from other departments We are really trying to set a tradition for workshop here in N.Y.

Dr. Bergman:

The 7 day workshop can be used in any way to help your members. We would like to plan ahead to schedule your members through the 2 day workshop this weekend. We would like to get 25 members to come each weekend, beyond those who are coming with their guests. Everyone in N.Y. will be able to go within 6 months time. Try to schedule yourself department by department, so you can experience the workshop together.

We are feeling pressure now because of the dispensational timetable. The pressure will, be greater unless we can expand our membership. This will require a change of conscienceness. It would be ideal if the central figure could come, there is no substitute for this. We have to go back to the basics of our relationships. This means that we should be serving each other and taking care of one another. Between now and God's Day, we must bring in the membership.

Mr. Sudo:

We held a Black Community Leader's Workshop recently, and the contents were pretty deep. Out of the 12 that came, 8 of the participants gave a commitment to come to the 7 day program.

The younger ones -- high school age, were especially brilliant.

I am now really beginning to understand what Rev. Kim has been telling us. Why is Home Church so difficult? It is very important that we find a way to carry our enthusiasm and to contain it so that it is not lost in a few days, or a few hours. We must also study the failures of history. There were valid or justifiable excuses why the failures in the past took place, but the most important conclusion is that they did not obey. This is what history will recall, not the excuses that they had. So no it is our turn, had historians will judge this day as well.

The use of the books, tapes and transcripts is our responsibility and even if we don't have time to go to our area, we can fulfill it conditionally. You will have no real accomplishment to be proud of, but your conditional offering will be acceptable and. you will not disobey. Satan at least, will not be able to claim this kind of condition. We started to make a voluntary prayer walk system, praying until 2:00 am. I'm sorry now that I didn't push this then. Recently we have started again, only this time we have decided to make it a 40 minute prayer walk around our area. We have determined to do this for 3 years. This is a condition that no one else is doing, and it will allow spirit world to work. Only a life of sacrifice will subjugate Satan. Because we weren't making conditions to plug up the holes, tigers and lions of Satan were invading our Home Church work. We need this kind of tradition of Home Church here in New York, the same as the standard of tradition in Oakland. Step by step planning and on the job training is very important.

Richard Cohen:

We are overhauling the World Mission Center now, there will be many guests here for Father's Birthday. Sunday Service and World of Hope programs will be improved, and the Down Home Inn has proved to be very successful. Please come to the programs, especially the Sunday Service program -- even if Father's speech lasts longer come in late anyway. Delivering the newspapers is the only valid excuse for not coming to this program., it is our tradition and we should uphold it.

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