The Words of Reverends Bergman

Home Church Leader's Meeting 11/26/79

Dr. Bergman

Rev. (Won Pil) Kim is in Los Angeles with True Parents, and we aren't exactly sure what time he'll be arriving. I was there at the Science Conference for four days, and I can give a brief report to you about the meeting. It was a great success for True Parents, the 8th conference, over 550 participants, and over 100 observers who represented a total of 72 countries being represented. This was the largest of any of the previous year's attendance. As people meet in the spirit of True Parents, they grow in their affinity to our family, and to Father in particular. Last year, Michael Warder organized seminars teaching Divine Principle to those participants who had expressed an interest in learning more about the Divine Principle. I was involved in one seminar held in Puerto Rico. These people are now closer to our movement and can be considered more "core" members of the conference, since they do understand the basics of what is trying to be brought out. The feeling at the conference was like that of a reunion, or a family event.

The past meetings were basically organized according to the field of study of the professors. This year, the groups were organized around issues and philosophical questions. This allowed a lot more mixing across the various areas of specialization. I felt that the professors were more stimulated by this kind of program.

I could really feel the value of the Principle, because while the professors were struggling to resolve things that were obvious to us because of the Principle, I could recognize clearly that we too need to be able to speak in their language. The professors are not necessarily believers in God, so they don't have a clear understanding of the purpose of life. Scientists always want to know the evidence of everything, so it is not so easy. . .

Nick Buscovitch:

One of the members of our News World Staff has met with the Shaw and is planning an interview with him in the future. She has been writing letters to him since he left Iran. When she approached a security guard, he recognized her as the one who is always supporting the Shaw, and he arranged a meeting for her. When she entered his hospital room, he remarked "So you are the one who has been doing all this!", meaning he realized that she was the one who has been supporting him in the media. (She has appeared on television and radio several times, because out of all the Iranians who come to shout angry words at him, she is always there supporting him.). She accomplished 2 things, among others. 1) She talked to him about his own situation, and testified to Father's suffering course. 2) She gave him a D. P. book in French.

Bento Leal:

10 guests were at the weekend workshop, and only 3 went on to seven days workshop from the advanced lectures.

Mr. Sudo:

I realized recently that the members are not accomplishing as we the leaders expect, so I remembered the words of Rev. Kim recently when he told us that we should trust the sincerity of our members, but not to expect (trust) them to get the results that we would like. Our success depends on how much we are following Father's instructions exactly. There is no other way to accomplish our goals. So I began to do on the job training, between the leaders and the members in my group. I feel that this must become a tradition, or we cannot succeed. Then I checked my own schedule, and I realized that even I could be doing a lot more, even twice as much as before. Because I was not aware of this, my leaders weren't aware of their own members, and the members couldn't fulfill at the actual time of meeting with their guests. This is my own testimony of why we couldn't get success.

Also, there was a VIP. who came to us from Argentina. Before he came to the U.S., he was looking for a Christian Anti-Communist group. He met a person on the airplane who handed him a small note that informed him about our Church and the News World. This man has heard Divine Principle, and is so happy. He will work with Jesse Epps.

Larry Moffit affirmed Mr. Sudo's words by his own testimony as an I. W. (Itinerant Worker) at the News World, also informed us of the Dec. 8th VOC lecture series, and invited guests who seem to have a knowledgeable and righteous attitude to Anti-Communism. There will be a $10.00 fee.

Dr. Bergman:

So we as the leaders must concentrate on setting the example, and we ourselves should restore 1 spiritual child by God's Day.

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