The Words of the Bell Family

I have made contact with a Korean minister

Katherine Bell
February 26, 1972
Toronto, Canada

Dear Mr. [Young Hwi] Kim,

I am writing to let you know our activities here for February. We had a workshop on February 19th which we called a Christian Life Workshop. Two people came from the institute for Christian studies. They only stayed for half the day and said they would come back the next time for the other half. We have also been teaching Chapter One on Mondays, Wednesdays and teaching individually other nights of the week. We are coming into contact with a number of Christian groups. The most enriching one is a group of 5 Jesuit priests who are working on the University of Toronto campus.

I have also made contact with a Korean minister who met our group in Korea about 15 years ago. Considering the rumors which were around, he is very positive.

To make a condition for our workshop we street-preached the week preceding the workshop, we broke up into small groups and one group went out every night. On Friday night the 25th we had an open house and invited a number of people.

We had a pretty good turnout. We have also been active in studying both Principle and Anti-Communism. I hope that everything is going well in Korea. Our prayers are with you.

In the Name of our True Parents,
Katherine Bell 

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