The Words of the Bell Family

We are looking forward to our Leader's visit to Canada

Katherine Bell
May 1, 1971
Toronto, Canada

Dear Mrs. [Won Pok] Choi,

Greetings! It was good to get your letter and hear directly how things are going in Korea. I am especially happy that the blessed women are doing so well.

How is Miss Kim doing? She must be very busy acting as a mediator between the church and our movement. I am really happy that we are finally making a breakthrough in that area as I have always thought that good Christians really deserved to hear about Principle.

We are still progressing slowly here. We have 10 people in the Center and a few studying with us. We would do better if our relationship with Father were stronger but we are raising one another with His help. Farley and Betsy visited us for the first time last month. It was really good to have them. I felt such hope in being with them. The three of us drove down to Rochester where I visited for a couple of days before returning to Toronto. Rochester is really a beautiful little city.

We are looking forward to our Leader's visit this summer and hope that he will be able to visit Canada as well as the States. It would really be good to have him here. I am looking forward to meeting you again as I still remember the fruit you gave me when I back to Toronto.

Linna and Carl are in Denver now and from their last letter it sounds like a good work. I would really like them to have it a little easier for a while. They had such a lot of indemnity the last while they were here.

We have been witnessing and teaching as usual. The rate of growth sometimes seems to be proportionate to our strength as a center.

Spring is finally arriving in Toronto... The daffodils and crocuses are up even though we had snow flurries yesterday. It shouldn't be long until summer as spring here usually lasts only a week or so.

We had a quiet celebration for Parents' Day. It was very nice.

I am running out of paper and letter writing is really not my strong point. We all think of you, our Korean and Japanese brothers and sisters and our Leader and Mother. All send our love.

In the Name of our True Parents,
Katherine Bell 

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