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Conference in Moscow on Koreans' Dreams for a United Nation

Konstantin Zharinov
October 3, 2012
UPF -- Russia

Moscow, Korea -- An International Conference on "The United Korea as a dream of the Korean nation" took place in Moscow at the conference hall of the hotel "Rusotel" on October 3. The event marked the anniversary of the signing of the Joint North-South Korea Declaration on October 4, 2007.

The forum was initiated by "Bomminren," a grassroots association of Koreans, with support from the embassy of the Korean Democratic People's Republic (North Korea).

In the official part of the conference, there were addresses by Koreans who were representatives of different organizations located in Russia and abroad. Among the participants were delegates of Korean residents in Germany, Canada, and US, and Koreans living in the republics of the former Soviet Union. Konstantin Zharinov, coordinator of UPF-Russia's North-east Asia Peace Initiative, and Vladimir Arsenkin, a Korean War veteran, also participated in the conference.

Much was uttered about the craving of Koreans living outside their motherland to see their homeland united. All speakers blamed American imperialists and their South-Korean satellite state for their misfortune. The atmosphere in general was positive and benevolent. The usual communist fanaticism was practically excluded. It could be that this new strategy of Korean Democratic People's Republic was meant as a means to show its human face to the world.

It should be additionally mentioned that there were flaws in the conference's schedule, and the moderators' work should be evaluated at "0". This opinion was shared by majority of the audience; half of the delegates left the conference or stayed most of the time outside the hall. 

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