The Words of the Varga Family

End-of-Year Celebration in Buenos Aires

Carlos Varga
December 21, 2012
UPF – Argentina
Translation: Ricardo Gómez

Buenos Aires -- Argentina UPF activities closed 2012 with a dinner in Buenos Aires on a significant date preceded by countless warnings about a possible end of the world on December 21, under the theme "Sharing, Recognizing, and Celebrating." It turned into a real holiday in a family atmosphere and inter-religious reunion with past and new friendships made during the year.

A video review of the year's activities, which began on March 9 with the slogan "Where there's a will there's a way", revived moments shared throughout 2012. This was an occasion to express gratitude for the love, support, and cooperation received during the year, particularly from the members of the Peace Council, who were called forward for cutting the cake in celebration of the seventh anniversary of the founding of the UPF in Argentina.

During the evening, which extended beyond 1:30 am, there was also a special award: the appointment of journalist Jorge Pereyra as Ambassador for Peace. There was also poetry and music by the CARP youth group and Carlos Varga, Director of the Unification Movement in Argentina, who celebrated his birthday that day. As usual, at the end names were drawn for prizes and a closing toast expressed good wishes for 2013. 

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