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Robin Tsubota
October 30, 2004

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Recently the regional leaders of Region #3 in the USA (New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Deleware) came to visit Japan to study the witnessing system here, as part of their efforts to break through in witnessing in America. They especially focused on studying the video center providence as well as the ways of witnessing through fundraising. The deputy regional (Korean) leader worked for some time in Japan so already had some familiarity with the work of the church here and was able to translate for the regional director.

I met these leaders when they visited Niigata and was deeply impressed by their heart and sincerity in studying everything here, their testimonies about the Middle East providence and their tearful prayer at the Niigata Port where ships depart for North Korea.

New Jersey is my home state, and in early October I visited for 2 weeks, staying in the main church center. I was able to participate in many of their activities and talk deeply with various American leaders there. In particular the American vice-regional leader (Rev. Barry Geller) asked me to keep in touch and pass along any additional inspirations or testimonies of witnessing victory in Japan. Of course, we honestly discussed the various problems and struggles, and they are aware of those. But what I would like to ask any of you is, if you have any testimony of how good witnessing developments are taking place here, please send them to me at and I will forward them to the leaders of Region #3. I'm sure they would welcome any observation of what the strengths of the Japanese system are, good experiences you have had or victorious methods you have observed -anything that you think would help the US in their effort to break through. Over the past almost 20 years the US has focused mainly on minister work, and the developments there are wonderful, but now they really need to find a way to bring new members and bring success in community outreach, teaching DP to neighbors, relatives, friends, co-workers, etc. I know this is needed in Japan too, but I feel that their efforts to inherit from the Mother Nation are, in and of themselves, an important spiritual condition for success. Thanks in advance for anything you can offer.

Yours Truly,
Robin Tsubota  

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