The Words of the Schuhmann Family

We are starting a 40 day cycle of paying indemnity

Ursula Schuhmann
February 1, 1970
Barcelona, Spain

Dear Family,

On the 12th of January, a 19 years old girl named Trinidad joined our group in Barcelona. She is a friend of Fernando II, and like him accepted immediately after reading the book. "Trini" started right away to witness actively to the girls she is working with, and we are very happy to have her with us.

The Austrian girl who lived in the same flat has finally found an apartment and is moving out these days. So at last I will have the whole flat, which is, of course, a great help until we find a larger place.

We had a number of old and new people visiting, mostly weekends, and they promised to come more often. Let's hope they do it! Mrs. Pilar sent her nephews to study the Divine Principle. One is a very active Jehovah's Witness who brought a friend along last Sunday. The other nephew, Fernando, is living in a Catholic residence. He came to ask for a book and we trust that he will understand.

Today we are starting a 40 day cycle of paying indemnity. This is more "fun" to do it as a group. Each of the members offered to do those things which represent the biggest sacrifice in order to lay a foundation for Barcelona.

These are all the news at the moment. We are confident that the people will respond more and more.

In the Name of our True Parents,

Ursula Schumann 

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