The Words of the Resmerowski Family

In Memoriam Erika Resmerowski

Gary White
August 20, 1988

Erika Resmerowski was born on February 16, 1911. She joined the church in 1976 at the age of 65. Soon afterwards she would become the oldest full-time member in Germany. In May 1978 Erika joined the training center staff at Regelsmiihle in the south of Germany, where she worked with great enthusiasm, took care of blessed children, did the housework and laundry, and at times worked in the kitchen, where she baked her legendary strudels.

Her love for everyone was expressed in quiet and constant service. Erika's kindness and patience as well as her good humor were greatly appreciated by everyone. Her deepest desire was to do the will of God and be a loving daughter of our True Parents!

In 1982 she made her first trip to America, to see the Blessing of the youngest of her eight children, Mona, to Edward Heinz of the United States. At Belvedere service, Erika saw True Parents for the first time. In the same year, her son Christoph was blessed in Korea with Young Ye Cho, from Korea.

In August 1983, at the age of 72, Erika came to the United States to take care of two of her now five blessed grandchildren in Dallas, Texas.

Over the last two years Erika's health declined steadily. Even so, her spirit remained bright and patient. On the morning of August 20, 1988, she passed peacefully away.

A memorial ceremony for Erika Resmerowski was held on August 23 in Dallas, Texas, where her body was buried. Regional Coordinator Rev. Gary White offered words of comfort to representative members and Erika's family. 

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