The Words of the Penoel Family

I was opened to spirit world

Alain Penoel
February 1971
(A family of France)

Alain Penoel

It is a great joy for me to give my testimony to Our True Parents and to my brothers around the world. I was born on the 30th of January, 1948. I come from Jewish family but I did not receive a religious education. At a very early age, I felt a weight on me because of my origin, although I didn't suffer personally from anti-Semitism. Despite the fact that my parents were very kind to me, during my childhood, I had an awkward feeling concerning the family. Now I can see that it came from the need of True Parents.

I could not understand why I was living in 2 different worlds an outer one, submitted to evil desires and feelings. I thought I was the only one in the world like that! At the same time I was always intrigued by strange phenomena such as flying saucers, telepathy, and I read a lot of science fiction.

When I was 16, I went through a mystic period through the New Testament, but soon I became aware of Satan and the struggle was too hard at that time. The way Father helped me may seem strange- I turned to the sciences.

Three people, my grandmother, my brother Daniel and my wife Lilliane, played a vital role in my growth from the internal darkness of my childhood to the dawn of my real life for Father.

I saw the first rays of light through my grandmother. I saw her as a holy person. Although we didn't talk about religious matters, I believed she knew Father in her heart. I could not imagine she would ever die. Her sudden death in 1967, everything seemed different to me. My brother Daniel is 3 years younger than I. I never had excellent relationship with him. From the age of 12, spiritually he grew very quickly and became a vegetarian. Outwardly, I was against him, but inwardly I was impressed, but too proud to follow him. After the death of my grandmother, I took on his way of life and felt very close to him. T felt Father had blessed me at this time and I reached a new stage.

Father worked through a third person, Lilliane, my wife. We met at school when we were 15, and we grew up together -although Satan worked a lot. We were married in 1968, and although we didn't know Principle, our relationship in our hearts turned more and more into that of brother and sister. In September, 1969, I fasted 7 days for physical fitness.

Unexpectedly, I was opened to spirit world_ I received many messages of the past and of the future through dreams and visions. I experienced the suffering of Father particularly when, in a vision, I saw tears of blood streaming through the sky. I felt pushed to go out into the street, proclaim that God is living and that Christ is on earth. But, "something" in my mind told me I was going crazy.

On the 10th of February, 1970, I finally met Divine Principle through a lecture given by Henri Blanchard at the University where I studied Mathematics. I was very impressed but it took me over three weeks, with much pushing from spirit world, to go to the Center, and look deeper into Principle.

I had an indescribable experience when Reiner told me how Our Master had subjugated Satan in spirit world. Before meeting Principle, the entire scene had been shown to me in a vision. I then understood a sentence from the 6th Chapter,

"Those who have received spiritual messages or have served God must bring their work to the universal Lord for His recognition". Then, I realized that I was a disciple of the Christ. How could I imagine such a blessing?

Lilliane also studied Principle, and we continually talked about the New Revelation and the Unified Family. We both worked for the physical restoration and establishment of the Center in Paris. But, I resisted giving up my old life. Lilliane had been quite positive up until the end of May. Suddenly she told me to give up going to the Family so often, or to move into the Center completely. When I packed my bags and moved into the Center, Satan made me think I was losing everything. But, in this struggle to get out of Old World, it helped me think of Abraham, the words of Jesus, and the Way of Our Master. I realized that God blessed this action. 3 days after entering the Center, I took an exam to become a Mathematics teacher. Although I thought the circumstances were not favorable, Father gave me 3rd place out of 1,100 in all of France. Gradually, my family became more positive, Daniel is already in Principle, and Lilliane received indications that this is the Way. It is a great privilege to live in a Divine Principle Center. Life takes on its full meaning here, and it is wonderful to build the Family of God.

As a student, I am very much concerned about awakening the University. With respect to my personal growth, I have been able to deepen the meaning of subject-object relationship, being in the center of the student movement, and object to our leader in France, Reiner. The world will be wonderful when, all subject-object positions will be respected with harmonious give and take.

Our student movement is called: "Mouvement Universitaire pour la Revolution Spirituelle". We can already see that many students are prepared and await the spiritual revolution. The power of the Divine Principle will give them a new purpose in life. With the help of Our Heavenly Father, a great movement must arise, as in Korea and Japan to awaken those who are still sleeping! 

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