The Words of the Pause Family

I have found Jagannath Mondal

Heinrich Pause
July 5 1971
Delhi, India

This month I have not been, witnessing in the street, but had many contacts among my workmates and people in the bus. In this way I have found Jagannath Mondal, a young Indian fellow, who accepted the Divine principle and decide to go the way. I do hope he will be strong enough to stick to his decision.

Further I have good contact to some positive 'people and see good chances that they will accept the Divine Principle.

In order to have the possibility to live together from the first moment I have rented some rooms near the university. Yet the contact has still to be concluded and signed.

On July 15th the university will be opened again and with intensified energy I will continue my mission work.

In the Name of the True Parents,
Heinrich Pause 

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