The Words of the Okamura Family

Prayer for national leadership and prosperity for our church members

Yasutaka Okamura
October 18, 2013

Hi I don't pray much, but when I see a moment where I am alone Ill thank God for what I have and ask for assistance to overcome struggles.

Lately I don't know what has become of the national leadership positions that were made vacant by the transition from Love and Life -- Hyung Jin Nim, and etc.

I'd like to have people volunteer to pray for our national leadership, and for the prosperity of all of our church members.

I know in many countries leadership has been corrupt and the financial situations have not been good for anybody.

I'd like for everyone to overlook the flaws in the leadership now, and pray for our movement, and for the future of our church.

Young people have been leaving the church in huge numbers from 2000-2013. The term 2nd Gen only refers to church members younger than 25. The only way to "stay" in the church is to get married.

I think we need to re-think our perspective on what the ideal church should be and try to become ideal people, and make ideal families.

Let's focus on ourselves and pray about the church, and about the financial blessings that our movement needs to really empower the youth in the world and America again.

Yasu Okamura D9 TX.

I'm not really outspoken when it comes to these things, but as a 28 year old, I have seen a lot of things, and I know our church is going through a time of crisis now. We're losing young people by the hundreds, and there's no new members coming to visit on Sundays. We need to make a breakthrough in our hearts and in our minds. Let's do it guys. 

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