The Words of the Moerbeek Family

In Memoriam Hans Moerbeek

April 17, 1987

Hans Moerbeek was born in the Netherlands in 1938. He joined the Unification Church in September 1973 and participated in the Yankee Stadium and Washington Monument rallies. In May 1978 he was blessed to Maryannick Le Livec in the 118 Couple's Blessing in London.

In 1979 Hans developed skin cancer, which damaged his left leg and restricted his mobility. Nevertheless, he continued various missions, including working with clergy, until

October 1986, when lymph cancer was discovered. He showed a great amount of determination to fight against it, but finally, on April 17, 1987, the disease took all his strength and he passed into the spirit world. A Seunghwa ceremony was held in Stompetoren, Holland, where his wife and three-year-old daughter Julia live.

Hans Moerbeek is remembered by the members for his gentle and serving nature. Not only the brothers and sisters but many people outside the church loved him as a model of loyalty and dedication. 

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