The Words of the McCready Family

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Report on the American Leadership Conference-2015 (Ray McCready - November 14, 2015 pdf)

Honoring UPF Founders by AFP Seattle (Raymond McCready - March 3, 2016 pdf)

UPF WA Discusses The Role of Women for World Peace (Raymond McCready - March 24, 2016 pdf)

Forum on “One Family Under God” in Seattle, WA (Ray McCready - April 28, 2016 pdf)

Parents’ Day Celebration in Washington State (Ray McCready - July 24, 2016 pdf)

UPF Seattle, WA Celebrates the 34th UN International Day of Peace (Ray McCready - September 22, 2016 pdf)

“What The World Needs Now” Forum in Seattle (Raymond McCready - March 23, 2017 pdf)

Seattle, Washington holds an American Leadership Conference (ALC) (Ray McCready - October 26, 2017 pdf)

Letter to District 10 (AK, ID, MT, OR & WA) Re: Boise Center Shutdown (Ray McCready - January 3, 2018 pdf)

UPF Seattle, Washington's Blessing event at the Beacon United Methodist Church (Raymond McCready - December 3, 2018 pdf)

UPF Seattle, WA's Heavenly Tribal Messiah Marriage Blessing Celebration (Raymond McCready - April 16, 2019 pdf)

UPF Seattle, WA holds the Celebration of the Family World Peace Festival (Raymond McCready - April 16, 2019 pdf)

Seattle, WA Family Church Seeks a Full-time Senior Pastor (Mike Lancey and Ray McCready - September 5, 2019 pdf)

Seattle Family Church: Re-opening of Ballard Church beginning on July 19th (Ray McCready - July 16, 2020 pdf)

Seattle HPHC Local Community Letter - Ray McCready's Unity Prayer Event (Rosie Dijan Muyongo - January 28, 2022 pdf)

UPF Washington State, Honors United Nations' Days (Raymond McCready - March 23, 2023 pdf)

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