The Words of the Matsuzaki Family

Sunday Service Bulletin for Rev. Hiroshi Matsuzaki

November 1, 2012

Hi everyone,

Here is the Bulletin for this month's Sunday Service with Rev. Matsuzaki

Please arrive before 1:30pm so we can prepare.

IFA November 4, 2012 Monthly Service
Shibuya HQ from 2:00 pm
Speaker: Rev. Hiroshi Matsuzaki
Sermon Title: True Parents and Me

We have asked Rev. Matsuzaki to speak with us again as he has so much to share and many were so inspired in August when he came last time.

Rev. Matsuzaki joined JCARP in 1966 and was one of the first 12 Japanese brother missionaries to come to the USA. He has often fished with and attended True Parents and their family. He has greatly helped to pave the way for many of True Parents's miracles. He has served as an inspiring lecturer, a passionate and charismatic leader and a deep hearted brother for America, the Philippines and the world.

His focus has centered on the Pacific Rim. Today, he is the leader of the Island Nations Federation, NGO.

He was blessed to his lovely wife in the 777 Blessing in 1970 and they have 2 wonderful and faithful sons.

We are so happy that Rev. Matsuzaki can join with us…he will speak from first-hand experiences with our True Family.


IFA Committee 

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