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Religious Youth Service Project to Take Place in New Delhi

Piya Ratna Maharjan
November 13, 2013

New Delhi, India -- St. Stephen's College of the University of Delhi is collaborating with UPF to host a Religious Youth Service project Dec. 16-22, 2013. Participants will have a living experience of India's diverse religions and cultures and make an impact by renovating a facility serving slum children.

Participants will paint and plaster the Deenbandu Development Center, which offers training in computers, cutting and tailoring to children of the slum and provides night shelter to the street children and women. The building is run down, and participants will provide urgently needs repairs. The center is operated by the Delhi Brotherhood Society, an NGO dedicated to helping people achieve their potential and live in dignity offering practical help to make them self-reliant and independent.

International participants will have chance to experience India, which is considered the mother of civilization, and learn about its religions, cultures and traditions by visiting local families and places of worship. Interactive learning is the core of RYS; religious leaders, scholars, teachers and NGO representatives will share insights and lead meditations and devotions.

Delhi is the capital of India and the world's eighth most populous metropolis. It has been continuously inhabited since the 6th century BC, and through most of its history, Delhi has served as a capital of kingdoms and empires. Thus, people who visit Delhi can taste the diverse cultures, traditions, religions and ruling systems of India.

The second most populous country in the world and the largest democracy, India is a land of bewildering diversity. People of every faith and religion living together creates a unique and colorful mosaic, and there is a festival for every reason and every season.

RYS has been active in India for several decades, bringing together youth from around the world, especially South Asian nations, and giving them a taste of harmony among people of different religions. RYS has also made a significant contribution to the needy people through its service projects.

For more information, email project coordinator Mr. Piya Ratna Maharjan. 

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