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Support Brother Tom Mackin's Family at this time

Christine Hempowicz
September 15, 2013

Tom and Eva Mackin

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Today, our brother Tom Mackin, husband of Eva, and father of Chris (who passed away a year ago), Becky, Jessica, and Patrick, suddenly passed away. The cause of his passing has not yet been determined, but he passed away at home.

His wife, Eva, is making arrangements for his Seong Hwa, along with her children. More information will be sent out later.

At this point, we are asking for your prayers for Tom and for his family.

Please contact Christine Hempowicz at to schedule prayer times.

Please feel free to forward this e-mail to brothers and sisters outside of Connecticut who know the Mackins.

God Bless you and let us all join together to pray for Tom's smooth transition.

Christine Hempowicz 

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