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Sun Myung Moon one hell of a ruthless man

Jake Legaspi
November 2, 2013

I took care of Rev Moon personally for 5 years as his personal boat captain / driver in Alaska in the eighties. I qualified myself as being one of the first brothers in ocean church who had a 100 ton uninspected captain's license certified by the US coast guard.

He knew my name personally since we spent so many hours and weeks fishing and developing fishing areas. He never spoke much as I thought he would as a preacher. Behind the scenes outside the pulpit he was an intense focused man who never really spoke or shared his heart to me or anyone on the boat. He just fished and fished and thoroughly enjoyed it, it was his passion not a mission. Maybe if I spoke Korean we could of chatted but when I saw him talking with Koreans on the boat it was mostly them talking not him.

In my observations of Rev Moon who I even got to eat off of his same plate when we were all sharing raw halibut together I can honestly say he was not an intellectual. Rather he was an intense ruthless man who pushed me and those around him without regard of how we felt or what we said.

I remember the Ocean church brothers complained to me that I was going to fast and leaving them in my wake so they were not able to keep up with my boat in order to be with father moon. Being Rev Moon's boat it had the best engine the best equipment with a 30 Knot I/O Volvo Pinta engine compared to the other slow mercury outboard engines the rest of the fleet had!

I explained that to Father Moon the next day before we went fishing that the brothers want me to power down so they can be with you, I then powered the boat down so the 13 boats could follow me, I could see the brothers were happy as we went out together in a V formation. Rev Moon immediately got up came to the boats throttle and put the pedal to the medal and left them all behind. He could have cared less for them or what they thought, even though I explained to him what they expressed to me. I remember thinking to myself wow he is definitely one hell of a man, who is actually a ruthless individual. I remember he said in a speech that he is a ruthless man and now I understood.

That night when we came back from fishing all the brothers got angry with me calling me a maverick by keeping Father's boat all to myself like some kind of a selfish cold hearted brother. What could I say, I just kept it to myself.

Thanks again for sharing without fear or hesitation 

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