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The Freedom Society

Phillip Kurz
July 30, 2012

This last Sunday I went to our Regional Church in Chicago to hear Reverend Moon's son Kook Jin Moon speak on The Freedom Society. This is not related to any group using the words Freedom Society that can currently be found on the Internet.

As the children of Reverend and Mrs. Moon take up leadership roles in the Unification Church, now more commonly called the Family Federation for World Peace, they are brining not only success and prosperity in the areas in which they invest themselves, but more importantly they are bringing clarity.

The Unification Church has been diverse and in some ways divided along politics. For many of us this has been perplexing as the theology definitely suggests that this age is the time of the final struggle between good and evil. Good being exemplified by what the United States was, a Christian society leading free democracies, and communism with its clear ideology that represent the zenith of Satan's ideology; attempt to rule man and the world in place of God.

Many also accuse Reverend Moon of attempting to set up a world wide Theocracy with He and His family as the supreme rulers. Well this week and through the next week Reverend Moon's children are setting the record straight in the realm of politics and vision for a future world order.

In brief, the Freedom Society is based on:

Private property Free Markets Competition Government is minimal and is funded by no more than 10% of Gross National Production; GNP. (5-10%) Little to no law is required; society is self sustaining It this society the government needs only supply the minimal of services such as documenting and protecting land ownership. Why is government so selfish (greedy)? Kook Jin Moon was asked. Because government has so much to be selfish over. And I could add, are we not most selfish when what we have was not earned or belongs to others?

You cannot even say that you need government to build roads. Private citizens and enterprises have been responsible for roads and other amenities in the past. Have you ever heard of Carnegie Libraries? Home Schooling?

How is this Freedom Society sustained? Through two institutions:

The Peace Military The Peace Police The Peace Military is modeled after that of Israel and Switzerland. Think of a world where every able bodied man and woman between 18 and 40 was a fully trained and armed soldier: a militia member whose arms and equipment are kept by them in their homes.

What would this mean for nations such as Iran, Red China or North Korea and even Russia? The governments will become much more respectful and accommodating to its people.

You can point to Colorado with its most recent shooting and say this is crazy but governments have killed hundreds of millions over the last decade and it all started with taking guns away from the populace. How would the holocaust have played out if the six million murdered were all well armed at home?

The Balkans? Those intent on genocide gathered their arms beforehand and then set out to accomplish their goals, sometimes herding whole communities off into the forest to be slaughtered. If all those victims were armed before the events unfolded any attempts at genocide would have been met with heavy casualties by the forces of evil from day one.

Islam? A related topic. Yes, Islamic terrorist factions actually murder more Muslims than those of us aligned with western cultures. The terrorists groups will be driven out of the communities they suppress and rely on by the people themselves. If the communities would align with the terrorists? Well then you have clear borders as to where the enemy is and where it isn't. Maybe we can go back to carpet bombing.

The Peace Police is simply, everyone is responsible for policing their communities. If every able bodied adult was armed in that Colorado theater the shooting would have been over in seconds. In fact it was a twenty minute ordeal because though the police arrived within 90 seconds their procedures prevented them from entering the theater and taking action until they could evaluate the situation and devise a course of action that would protect their officers.

If the government trained individuals to fight for themselves ten unarmed people rushing the gunman could have reached him, covering 7 yards in less than two seconds, before he could fire three or four shots. Not enough to take down ten people. A man on the radio gave some interesting input also, pointing out that if someone shot back at the shooter he would have directed all of his fire towards his attacker allowing others to escape. But if you haven't noticed, the news coverage and supposed professionals, our government, are encouraging people to seek cover and hide. Wait for the authorities. You can't do anything yourself.

And the Theology behind this view of limited government and personal responsibility is the slam dunk. If received by the Christian community it will empower this nation to get back to the ideals God intended for all of us; The Freedom Society.

The Theology behind limited government and how to preserve freedom is based on how man was led to fall. I will be concise to prevent theological debates over minutia.

In the Garden of Eden you had God, God's children Adam and Eve and the servant: the archangel. The servant grew envious and decided he was more deserving. Adam and Eve made Lords of Creation by God were given his word to follow. The Archangel undermined the words beginning with Eve. After becoming Eve's master he worked through her to enslave Adam. Then Satan stood as master over Adam and Eve and all the creation as they were its Lords.

In our society we have God, from whom all rights originate, and His word in what I like to call the ultra Christian society of the United States, where Christian ideals and all sincere faith was respected. Then we have the public servant; the government. Do I have to spell out why our founding fathers feared government, often referring to it as a necessary evil?

But lets look deeper. How did government create its entitlement society? Did it not begin with women, welfare for unwed mothers? Now we should all go on the dole. And as governments here and around the world try to take care of every aspect of one's life man suffers, because the fall of man had nothing to do with the archangel fulfilling his responsibility and helping man. It was about taking what was man's for himself and destroying man as God envisioned him in the process.

Our life, our rights, freedom come from God and if one keeps listening to the lies of government you are giving all that away. 

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