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Phillip Kurz
July 1, 2011

Pragmatism, defined by as such;

2. a philosophical movement or system having various forms, but generally stressing practical consequences as constituting the essential criterion in determining meaning, truth, or value.

An approach I was intending to take with this blog to address issues in the Unification Church. A Church of families scattered across the country, its members having sacrificed much, many with little to no perceptible rewards. Families who know many who have left for various reasons, including from harsh and criminal deprogramming techniques; techniques many would call torture in light of the war in Iraq. A Church where the leadership was raised up from among people who never saw themselves as seeking a ministry of any kind. A Church whose members did not share a common background. A Church where many of those who have left, having now turned back to the Church will not enter the Church proper, keeping a distance as they find it hard to respect the leadership but have the deepest respect for Reverend Moon. Even though many of the leaders they feel slighted by most likely left the church themselves or are no longer leaders.

In this environment I thought a pragmatic approach would be helpful, as every organization has its problems as we have most recently seen in the Catholic Church. To address the practical in order to find, maybe uncover would be a better word, truth and value. Then I read a small quote from Reverend Moon that 'pragmatism most often has been used for evil ends.' a paraphrase, and I had to admit that in such a hostile environment the Church still seems to be surrounded with, any statement of imperfection can and would be used against us. That any attempt to work through problems through a rational process would only be irrationally used to further defame my faith and Reverend Moon. So I haven't invested much in this blog.

Still I felt that our former members dragged on our church like an anchor and there should be some pragmatic approach to assuage the heavy hearts that in a few cases have been lashing out vehemently against our Church. The growth of the Church has been stagnant in most places, and where it has boomed it was soon attacked by those who see the purpose of their life being to defame others, smothering the boom. How does one confront this kind of hate? How does one keep it from spreading?

Still we have had consistent solid growth in professional, government and academic spheres through many organizations that apply the Unification Principle to solve the problems afflicting this world. The problem has always been how to grow a proper community on a grassroots level. The slowness of the growth of our grassroots community still made me question if a pragmatic approach were in order. But what could I do anyway as a simple tiny blogger?

But today is a new day. Over the recent years Reverend In Jin Moon, Reverend Moon's daughter, has been heading up the Lovin' Life Ministries, broadcasting to the entire nation. And she has taken on the issues of the Unification movement head on. Much in the same way the letters of the Apostles, namely Paul, addressed the issues tearing communities apart in the early Christian Church, so is Reverend In Jin Moon in the Unification Church. Her sermon's near always condemning, just as St. Paul did, the vices of gossip, backstabbing and just plain poor behavior. Always promoting community, never compromising on each individuals position as part of the community, a child of God, and how that must be respected. Period!

Well,...that is as best as I can explain it from my own perspective. The bottom line is the Church is now growing daily, especially in New York City. There is a hope and vibrancy, a revival in members original vision of what this Church was all about when they joined. New members are joining, old members are returning. I actually feel distressed if I cannot make it to Sunday Service to hear her broadcast.

So I have to reevaluate what I am going to do with this blog. An approach that doesn't shun harshness though it isn't the norm, never validates the sinful, remains rational but always embraces with a heart of love trumps pragmatism. 

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