The Words of the Kleszynzca Family

I felt the need for God and the spirit world

Daniela Kleszynzca
June 1971

Daniela Kleszynzca

I am 19 years old and I have been in the Unified Family for three years. I find it hard to define what exactly has changed in these three years within myself, one thing is certain; I am different from before, and I am different from other teenagers and from friends who don't follow Principle.

Before knowing Principle I had become nearly an atheist, yet, within I felt the need for God and the spirit world; my feeling knew that they existed, but I could not logically agree with my feeling. For instance, I could not accept adultery, it seemed absurd having to accept such a thing, yet I had nearly reached the conclusion that it was part of human nature, thus often inevitable. The same I thought of wars, of human injustice, cruelty and falseness. I considered myself to be disadapted, as my romantic feeling would not let me accept deeply those things that with my reason I considered 'unchangeable historical realities. The major difficulties I found in accepting Principle have mostly come from my mind, which being logical and rational, clashed with my feeling and prevailed on it.

For a long time I have searched in Principle only the answers to my rational problems. I went from one doubt to another without teaching any conclusion; every time I thought I understand everything, any little thing that could make me doubt became great importance, and would make me doubt the whole Principle. Then suddenly I began to consider Principle through my heart and feeling, and only then have I really seen them acting in my life, and have I really understood that there can be no doubt about them. I feel that those (like I did) who look at Principle only with logical and rational eyes may not satisfy all their intellectual needs through them. But to those who look at them also with their hearts and feeling it gives everything they have been looking for. 

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