The Words of the Jaspers Family

I met a Dutch girl

Anita Jaspers
October 1, 1971
Brussels, Belgium

Dear Family,

This month brought so many blessings. I am very thankful to our beloved True Parents. I could get many good contacts. Among them, I met a Dutch girl, Ria, speaking fluently the two languages of this country and also English and German. We got a very close relationship within one week. Now she returned for two months to Genf, from where she was led to Brussels. Her heart is so opened for the truth and she wants to study deeper the Divine Principle and to practice family life. Therefore we will meet us again in December in Vienna. Then she has more than one month holidays. For having spiritual relationship during the two months we pray every day for an hour at the same time and we read the Principle.

I am also working with one prepared couple, we meet twice a week.

Alain and Jean, two students, also have interest and are studying the truth. I hope very much among them are someone who can follow the truth and serve our True Parents with all heart. I want to send you all my love and prayer!

In the name of our True Parents

Anita Jaspers 

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