The Words of the Jaspers Family

I have found another center

Anita Jaspers
August 24, 1971
Brussels, Belgium

The Third European Conference -- Vienna 1971 Left to right: Martin Porter, Italy Dennis Orme, England Doris Orme, England Dawn Porter, Italy Bernhard Maierhofer, Swiss Elizabeth Biro, Turkey Teddy Verehyen, Holland

Dear Mrs. [Won Pok] Choi,

Dear brothers and sisters all over the world. The last week brought many blessings and experience. Together with Akihiko I could fight to get new people for the Heavenly Kingdom. We made several conditions as praying, marching to the Holy Ground at 4 o'clock in the morning and fasting. Kagame, an African student, lived with us some days to study Principles. Now he wants to go into the Vienna family for some days. I hope he will develop very quickly and open the door for many other children.

As now are holidays the students and many people have left the town, but soon they will return,

The Third European Conference -- Vienna 1971 "The youngest delegate?" Timotheo Porter from Italy

I have found another center which is better for our work. The new center is established.

Please give my love and greetings to Father and Mother and the children and to all our brothers and sisters in Korea.

In the Name of our True Parents
Anita Jaspers 

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