The Words of the Jaspers Family

In the hospital I often witness to doctors and nurses

Anita Jaspers
April 3, 1971
Brusseles, Belgium

Dear Family,

This month brought us many contacts in groups and on the streets. Rita and Chris are going on in studying the Principles.

So we are making many conditions for them in praying and fasting. We hope that they might join us as soon as possible.

Father is so longing for all His children.

We also had visits from some boys, Walter I and II, Eric, Francois. They all promised to come again and to study the Principle deeply. We want to take every possibility. Father gives us, to be the lamps in this darkness, in which men are living.

In the hospital I of ten speak with doctors and nurses. Some of them are interested, but they have very few time. Belgian people are a little shy and reserved and their thinking is still conservative. But with our father's love we will open them. On 26 of March Jean Pierre went to the Holland family to spend the weekend there. Origitte and I celebrated Parents' Day with great joy, that it is now possible to become one with our Heavenly Father. We felt very deep His love. Soon all men will be delivered from Satan's dominion and be thankful to our True Parents. We are happy that we can help them to establish the Kingdom of Heaven, in sharing our tears, sweat and blood.

We hope that we can bring good fruits in the following month.

In the Name of our True Parents,
Anita Jaspers 

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