The Words of the Iwisawa Family

In Memoriam Nam Kyong Iwasawa

David Hose
May 10, 1990
Director of the Foreign Missions Department

In the late evening of May 10, the beloved son of Mr. and Mrs. Haruhiko Iwasawa, Nam Kyong Iwasawa, passed away in La Paz, Bolivia. Nam Kyong was just five months old. What caught all of us in the World Mission Department very deeply was that just one year ago, at the age of six months, the Iwasawas' first son passed away. Nam Kyong was born at the end of last year in the wake of the first son's loss. Now, almost the same age, this second little boy (the Iwasawas have two healthy daughters) was taken. In their letter to Rev. Kwak, the Iwasawas wrote,

"We believe that both sacrifices of our first son and this second son are pure offerings for God's Providence of Restoration in Bolivia."

There is nothing one can say after reading that kind of faith. Surely, God will lose nothing and gain much in His work because of the sacrifice and heart of the Iwasawa children and their parents. Nam Kyong passed due to problems of the heart and blood system. 

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