The Words of the Irvine Family


Roy Irvine
June 1971
(Canadian Family)

I would like to write a few words on how the pioneers of old relate to the pioneers of the New Age.

In 1534 a French Explorer, Jacques Cartier claimed Canada for France, and gave the country its name. It remained French until 1763, and then fell into British hands. The English and French settlers lived on farming communities and small scattered fishing ports. With the addition of immigrants from many other lands over the past two centuries, we are now ten provinces and a growing industrial power in world trade and government.

It was the pioneer spirit of those who came across dark oceans that discovered and pioneered new paths for others to follow behind; perhaps with a little less travail. The pioneers were a hardy breed of people, whose main characteristics were individuality, dedication, and perseverance.

Individuality because they were not afraid to venture out into unknown territory. Dedication: to fulfill their role as pioneer, to build a country out of stubborn rock, dark forests, and uncultivated soil. Perseverance: under conditions of hardship and poverty that enabled them to stick it out to the finish no matter what obstacle fell across their paths.

And how much of the pioneer spirit do we need in this new age to carry on the work our forefathers left for us to finish. How much more dedication is required of us to fulfill the Father's will and unify mankind. How much perseverance is necessary to build out of uncultivated spiritual soil the Kingdom for Father on Earth and for us pioneers of this New Age to restore the True Ideal. 

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