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Newsletter for November 2011

H. Inose
November 10, 2011
(Heavenly calendar: 10.6)

Brothers and sisters around America:

Glory to God!

For the first time in history, True Parents established the position of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. In this fall season of harvest, God's providence will develop more dynamically.

When I see that even now True Parents are still going through hardships on the frontline, and even having a heart of gratitude, I cannot but feel sorry and repent for it from the bottom of my heart, because they are doing it totally for us. Therefore, as In Jin Nim exemplifies to us, let's have the children's heart clearly and fulfill our responsibility by doing what we should do.

1. The 52nd True Children's Day and the 24th Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World (from the KMS News 414)

On October 3 of the 2nd year of Cheon-gi (heavenly calendar, 10/29 solar), the 24th Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified World, the commemorative ceremony was held with True Parents at Cheon Jeong Gung, Korea. True Parents spoke as follows: "No one knows the time!"

Whenever you gather on such a day, it is a question whether or not you are unchangeably the central group in front of the nation and the world.

You always have to think that unless you can be united with God, you cannot establish the unified world, not only in the present nation and the present time we live in, but also in the past we passed through and in the future world we are facing. Without being united with God, you cannot establish it eternally even in the spirit world because there is still a problem or assignment left to be solved.

In front of such a big assignment of the cosmos, we have to fulfill our responsibility, being united in mind, gathering our determinations, overcoming the boundaries of village, Myeon, Dong, nation and the world even though we are a small group. Except for us, no one knows that our responsibility is still unfulfilled.

Only we know it, but it is not sure when we have to carry out our duties. No one knows the time. Then, do we prepare for it? No. It is the reality that we also cannot prepare for it. Those who cannot prepare for it are always miserable people.

When we hurry to prepare for it, we have to show the purpose of the preparation and how valuable the preparation is. We have to possess the value and open up a new way for brothers and sisters in the future and in the spirit world. Without having a bursting spirit to be loyal to such a world, we are eternally unable to overcome the world.

Tomorrow should be more joyful than today. We should inherit today's joy and hand down more joy to all our descendants. Please be determined that today's gathering should be such a gathering and that we should become such a group in the cosmos.

Such a determined heart is a flower of heart. When such a heart flowers and wells up in your heart in front of the nation, world and cosmos, you can listen to God's joyful voice in your life. It is possible to experience such a time in the cosmos. Don't forget it. You have to become people who commit themselves to being loyal to the world. I wish you now would make more determination.

I pray that this meeting flowers and shines and that the world becomes God's unified kingdom where God can dwell and we can live together in the original garden of the family. ---

2. For the Victory on the Original Substance of Divine Principle (OSDP) workshop for 3000 ACLC Clergy and Ambassadors for Peace

(1) Significance of the OSDP workshop

The OSDP workshop has a much deeper meaning than ever, which is on a completely different level from ever before. Therefore, first of all, let's think of the significance of the OSDP workshop.

Rev. Oyamada's explanation (excerpts from the KMS News 412)

What is the center of the OSDP workshop? The official name of the workshop is the "Education Session Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility in God's Providential History (centering on Absolute Sex)." What does "Completion of the Portion of Responsibility" mean? It means the completion of Absolute Sex. In other words, it is the education for the completion and liberation of Absolute Sex centering on the sexual organ.

Education of Absolute Sex is the core of the OSDP workshop. It is the truth of truths. It took 40 years in order for True Father to proclaim it. When Father became 90 years old, he became able to teach Absolute Sex through the OSDP workshop. The content of Yang and Yin, convex and concave became able to be taught after he became 70 years old. If Father had proclaimed Absolute Sex 40 years ago when he received God's revelation, Satan would have killed Father. When he became 90 years old, Satan was not able to accuse Father anymore, so Father proclaimed it.

Now, let's think of what our internal attitude should be when we do outreach.

(2) How to Make a Substantial Foundation in Total Cooperation with the Spirit World

Now is the time when the earthly foundation will be established in total cooperation with the spirit world. Therefore, it is indispensable for us to become the object partner of the heart of Jesus in the spirit world. True Parents taught us the internal attitude of outreach to Christian churches again and again. He said, "Pray for and praise Jesus more enthusiastically than Christians do. Love Jesus more passionately than Christians do."

True Father explained Jesus' course in detail on July 6, 1976 at the Tokyo Church:

Therefore, let's become brothers of Jesus. Let's become parents, aunts or relatives of Jesus. Let's make our church a church of loving Jesus.

Let's become a Jewish people which Jesus wished to be. Let's make a nation for which Jesus longed. It is the mission of the Unification Church to liberate Jesus' heart of sorrowful regret by making the condition of indemnity to totally love Jesus. Therefore, those who did not marry yet should become Jesus' younger brothers. They should be younger brothers and sisters whom Jesus loves and who serve God with a more serious heart than Jesus' in order to restore the position of brothers and sisters which Jesus could not love. Those who are older than 30 years old, older than Jesus, should become elder brothers and sisters of Jesus. They should have a heart with which they cannot but love young people who devote themselves to the church, as the representatives of Jesus. Then, the young people will confide in such elder brothers and sisters. Please have such a relationship in heart. Then, old people should see young people with the parental eyes of Jesus and love young people with the heart of sons and daughters of filial piety to God. They should have a heart to love the children whom their ancestors could not love. Such an effort will make a relationship as one family and one relative, and then we can expand such a foundation in heart to the church and nation. Without this, it is impossible to make the Heavenly Kingdom on earth centering on Jesus.

It is important for us to completely unite with True Parents' heart and with In Jin Nim, the CEO of the Unification Church USA. Also, if we walk the path of faith as the heartistic object partner of Heung Jin Nim, Jesus and 5 great saints in the spirit world, we will bring miraculous victories one after another in cooperation with the Holy Spirit, which we have never experienced. God and True Parents have already prepared it for us.

3. Our Attitude to Live in This Age

Now, I would like us to think of what our attitude should be toward the D-day, January 13, 2013.

Through the tour of Korea by 172 ACLC clergy, the age of registration started. First of all, we clearly need to know the meaning and background of the tour.

(1) The Age of Registration

True Parents said, "I am giving you orders because such an age has come. 'Hurry up with tribal restoration! Return ownership to God! Get registered quickly!' This is the greatest hope for a human being. Here is the hope that transcends the ten million generations since our first ancestors. You should engrave these words deep in your bones so that you will never forget them. This way, in the future, you will be able to experience the joy of receiving a shining sun after the passage of the twilight morning of Japan.

The time of registration will come in the future. The age of registration will come, in which you will join the circle that is connected to my clan and the royal family. But even if the age of registration comes, those who have not restored their tribe cannot be registered here. You should know this. It is the same as the twelve tribes. Without having restored your tribe, you will not be able to register yourself." (Cheon Seong Gyeong, pp. 2122, 2120)

Then, True Parents tell us what our attitude should be as those who live in such a surprising age of registration, "Now, you will not receive persecution on the path you are walking. I have prepared everything for you. I have blocked everything for you. I have torn down everything for you. So how much should you honor me? I am announcing to you that unless your descendants have a family tradition of honoring me hundreds of times more than you have during the age of persecution, it will be difficult for them to get registered at the registrar's office. If you do not lay a foundation upon which your sons and daughters can serve me several times better than you have, they will fall away. They will be pushed out." (Cheon Seong Gyeong, p. 2123)

We have experienced such a heart in the mission place we have been given in America. Therefore, it is necessary for us to introduce the OSDP workshop to all related clergy and Ambassadors for Peace who stand in Cain's realm. True Parents warned us at Hoon Dok Hae of Cheon Jeong Gung, saying, "Without bringing world leaders to me (without educating them), typhoons will come one after another. I am not lying."

(2) Let's Become an Agent of Change and Be United with True Parents' Wish

At the Lovin' Life Ministries Sunday Service, God always talks through the lips of In Jin Nim. Also, True Parents have many times given us advice which is very effective in helping us unite with each other. In Jin Nim said at the Sunday Service on September 18:

When I think about the Generation of Peace, I see so clearly that right now at the time of the breaking news, this is the time when we need to let go of our past. All the different ways that we used to do things are candidates for change. Things are definitely going to change, and we need to embrace these changes as we constantly grow and learn instead of resisting these changes as we cling to our fears and insecurities, all the things that made us feel comfortable. …

Through the story of Evelyn, James Joyce is asking us to think about how we have to be our agent of change or we will have to suffer the fate that we buy at the cost of our own indecision.

This is not a time for indecision, when we should be paralyzed by insecurities and fear of all the unknowns. This is a time when we should be focused and united with our True Parents as the control tower in all the airports of our lives and realize that despite all the static in the air, God is the one, our True Parents are the one. We have to understand that we are building on top of the past, but that past needs to grow and transform into a glorious, prosperous, and lovely future that God would like us to enjoy in our lifetime. …

The great thing about our True Parents is they have always been clear, and they continue to make our future clear. We have our True Parents at the center as the focal point of our unity, and then in the future the youngest son, Dr. Hyung Jin Moon, will be and is the spiritual heir of the movement. Therefore, it is our job to unite with the desire of our Heavenly Parent and our True Parents, so that that desire sets our hearts on fire as we experience living at this inspired time. …

This is the time when the number 43, represented by 172 ministers, signals the time of liberation, when we must overcome all kinds of barriers – denominational, racial, national, religious, and even economic barriers. This is the time to overcome it and look toward a kingdom based on the culture of true love.

It is October of the heavenly calendar, the time of harvest. Let's be completely united with True Parents and In Jin Nim, and do our best to establish a substantial foundation.

We will start the condition of sincere devotion in October of the heavenly calendar as follows. I pray that many brothers and sisters will participate in this.

21-Day Condition of Sincere Devotion around America


From October 10 (Sat) to November 1 (Fri) (heavenly calendar)

From November 5 (Sat) to 25 (Fri), 2011 (solar calendar)


1. 21-minute prayer

2. To recite "Cham Bumo Nim (True Parents), Ong-Mansei." (more than 12 minutes, if possible, longer, with the music of Rev. Hyung Jin Moon, taking its meaning deep into our hearts)


1. For the long life and safety of the True Parents

2. For the True Family (for the safety and victory of all True Children centering on Rev. and Mrs. Hyung Jin Moon, International President)

3. For the victory of the OSDP workshop for 3000 people centering on 172 American Clergy for the establishment of God's Fatherland

4. To become united with In Jin Nim's vision; to attain a substantial foundation through Lovin' Life Ministries

5. For the expansion and victory of the blessing movement

6. For the victory of the Tribal Messiah activities (Abel-type) and Tong Ban Kyeok Pa activities (Cain-type), in total cooperation with the spirit world

7. For the victory of Kodan activities and donation in November. 

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