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National Leaders' Meeting Held from July 30-August 2, 2010

H. Inose
August 2, 2010

The following report contains reflections from participants of Kodan's National Leaders' Meeting held in New York City from July 30-August 2, 2010. More than 80 Kodan leaders from around the country joined the event, which began with participants attending the National Parents' Day Gala held at the Manhattan Center on the evening of July 30. On July 31 until August 1, Mr. Yuji Otomo, a clinical psychologist, invited by our National Pastor Rev. In Jin Moon, presented a training seminar focused on Pastoral Counseling.

Since Kodan had also received instruction from True Father to study Professor Oh's lectures on Providential history he spoke on True Father's role as the Messiah and King of Kings, as well as True Mother's role and responsibility on the evening of July 31st. He also addressed the meaning of the past July 24th event. Last but not least, Kodan Leaders from around the country had the opportunity to attend True Father at East Garden on the morning of August 1st. Together it was the ideal "jig-saw" puzzle that was so well put together with the support of Rev. In Jin Moon for the sake of the Japanese members in America.

Dear Rev. In Jin Moon,

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to you for letting us have such a rich meeting on behalf of God and True Parents. During the 3-day period, I felt how seriously you knew the problems Japanese members in America have had and poured your heart and love into us. I apologize for our insufficiency from the bottom of my heart, and thank for you for your prayer and love for us.

In particular, we appreciate your invitation for Mr. Otomo to come to America to give us a testimony and show our setbacks to us clearly. He showed us that there was a solution to our problems in the world of the culture of heart, and also explained the value of the second generation and how to deal with them. It gave us great power.

Also, Mrs. Heather Thalheimer came to the Kodan National Leaders' Meeting as your representative and showed us what your wish and vision was, especially the importance of attending the Lovin' Life Ministries service as a family. It is what we should practice immediately, and I made up my mind to work on it.

On August 1, we had an opportunity to directly attend True Parents at East Garden, and they clearly showed our mission and responsibility to us, teaching again how Japanese members in America should live.

Here is the report based on participants' impressions.

1. Internal Goals of the Kodan National Leaders' Meeting (July 30 -- August 2)

(1) To inherit True Parents' victory

(2) To be united with In Jin Nim's heart and vision

(3) To establish vertical unity with the view of the Messiah and the providence.

(4) To expand the horizontal foundation (to expand testimonies across the country (USA); to use the autobiography)

(5) To attend Mr. Otomo's seminar (to raise each person's capability to start acting as a spiritual leader)

2. Impressions of the National Parents' Day Event (Manhattan Center, July 30)

(1) Kodan Participant:

First of all, I was really grateful that I could attend the National Parents' Day Gala held on July 30 (Fri). Frankly speaking, I did not want to attend the event at first. I could never imagine myself having such a wonderful experience.

However, at the Parents' Day event, my son stretched out his hand to me and said, "Mom, let's dance." I was surprised by him. My son came to the event with 3 friends by car without me knowing. I would usually decline such an invitation, but somehow I was put in an embarrassing situation to dance with my son. Both he and I had no experience in dancing, so we just followed the example of other people. Our dance was in disorder, but it didn't matter. I was happy with the heart of my son.

Mr. Otomo explained to us during the National Kodan Meeting, "To attend a parent means to not let the parent be lonely, to let the parent have an easy life, and to answer the parent's expectation." I felt such a heart of love from my son. When I was attended by my son, I came to think that I wanted to offer such a heart to God, True Parents, and my parents. After coming back home, I heard that my son also attended the Lovin' Life service the next day. I thought that something had changed. Though a little late, through the lecture of Mr. Otomo, I firmly realized that I had been wrong. I felt that my son grew well because of my husband's love in believing in my son.

(2) Kodan Participant (NJ)

Dear In Jin Nim,

My second son, 3 daughters and I attended the National Parents' Day event. During the ballroom dancing, my second son suddenly appeared in front of me, and said, "Shall we dance?" Through the dance with my son, I really felt the love of God and True Parents. As my son attended me, I would like to keep this heart of gratitude forever. I felt the thorny path which True Mother had to overcome during this period. From now on, I pray that I can be able to change first and then everything else around me would be changed to happiness. I will make an effort to fulfill the change of lineage of the 3 generations with the Culture of Heart, rather than living as only a logical Japanese woman. I have devoted myself to being this way because of True Parents' heart and true love. I realized that when I feel joy in my life, my ancestors, family, and descendants are able to cooperate with me willingly. I would like to express my gratitude to True Parents, In Jin Nim, Mr. and Mrs.H. Inose, and other staff for preparing such an opportunity of abundant teachings for me.

(3) Kodan Participant (NY)

True Father referred to In Jin Nim this time as, "In Jin elder sister." This word came into my mind, and I felt relieved, thinking that In Jin Nim was my elder sister. Then, after the service of Lovin' Life Ministries, I shook hands with In Jin Nim. When I saw the face of my elder sister, I felt her burdens, and I was on the verge of tears. My elder sister who works hard for the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind! I hope to also become a person of deep love like you.

(4) Kodan Participant (DC)

What moved me at the National Parents' Day event was that all members of In Jin Nim's family had careful consideration for our blessed families and members. They accepted everyone, and In Jin Nim graciously asked the youth of the second generation to, "Please dance with Kodan mothers." The elder son of In Jin Nim came to me and we danced together. I was touched by his warm consideration.

3. Mr. Otomo's 2-Day Seminar (July 31st to August 1st)

(1) General Impressions from Participants

1) By attending the 2-day seminar, I realized why In Jin Nim invited Mr. Otomo to America as well as heaven's expectation.

2) I came to understand the importance of the world of the Culture of Heart and the meaning of the life of attendance.

3) The seminar showed us the fundamental problems of our couple and parent-child relationships, and its solutions from both the psychological aspect and the historical, religious aspect. Through the seminar, each of us seemed to receive spiritual counseling. We will directly try to tackle our problems, rather than imputing the responsibility to others. We were encouraged to have an attitude and determination to challenge solving the problems.

Through his explanation of the fundamental cause of the problems both internally and externally, each of our problems and their solutions were clarified. Therefore, we could have hope and be encouraged to solve the problems.

(2) Kodan Leader (OH)

In Jin Nim, In Jin Nim!

Thank you very much.

In order to guide me to such liberation, you must be praying for us so much! You must truly love me!

I have felt your love like the deep sea and the wide sky.

It is like a mother's love, and like father's love!

You concretely showed me the love.

You showed me God's love which we have come to know after we became a parent.

It was the parental love that you used to seriously try to solve our problems after knowing our sufferings.

We did not know what to do concretely, but you gave us hope.

Therefore, from now on, I will concretely give this love to my brothers and sisters.

Thank you very much.

(3) Kodan Leader (NJ)

Dear In Jin Nim,

Thank you very much for giving us a very meaningful and precious learning opportunity on July 31st and August 1st with Blessed Family Department leaders, as well as with New York and New Jersey members. Mr. Otomo's lecture was very significant to me and it was a life changing experience.

Before I attended his lecture, I had read his written materials and watched his DVD, yet I only understood it intellectually. However, when I heard his voice directly, I felt that I was on a surgeon's operating table to be operated on with surgical knives. I felt the same feeling when I was at Chung Pyung. Later, one of the sisters attending with me mentioned that she saw two shining lights coming down over Mr. Otomo when he came on stage.

There are two things that I learned most from hearing his lecture. The first is God's heart, including God's anxiety and anger, and the meaning of True Parents' victory of liberation of God's heart. The second is that my struggles and problems have come from my low self-esteem. And also, my low self-esteem has caused my children's struggles, who have also developed low self-esteem.

Later at home, I learned more about self-esteem, and I realized that Japanese people have been a very low self-esteem community compared to other people because of the education system after World War II. I knew only a little bit about self-esteem before because some American sisters had mentioned it. But I did not pay attention at that time. That is why I did not know how important it was to know this.

I really understand it is very important and helpful for Japanese sisters (members) to learn and practice this Completion Pastoral Counseling to help the American Providence, serving as a Tribal Messiah, and in raising our precious children as a mother.

I really thank In Jin Nim for giving us this precious opportunity. I assume that In Jin Nim must have known what we needed the most at this time and gave us this opportunity. I really felt In Jin Nim's love and care through this amazing experience. I would really like to try my best to fulfill my responsibility for God, True Parents and America. Thank you again for your love and prayer.

(4) Kodan Leader (NJ)

Dear In Jin Nim,

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to attend such a rich Kodan meeting.

In particular, for 2 days I was able to attend Mr. Otomo's lecture on the ministry of the Completed Testament Age with Blessed Family Department members. Its wonderful content is really necessary for blessed families in the Cheon Il Guk age.

In a letter from one second generation to the first generation, the second generation wrote that he wanted to see the first generation make an effort to live a fresh life of faith. I knew that, but I could not practice it. I repented from the bottom of my heart of the fact that I did not cope with the problem constructively, giving an excuse such as "because of my age," or just focusing on an external result.

In Jin Nim is really a model of a mother and wife in the family, and financially manages the Manhattan Center well as the CEO, in addition to missionary activities. She is actually our model from whom Japanese members and I can learn.

Mr. Otomo wrote a table of the differences between the first generation and the second generation in detail. I realized that the second generation who were born inheriting True Parents' lineage of victory is really different. When I think that such a second generation still yearns for affection from us, I am grateful that God teaches us His great love through our children.

I will make effort to naturally witness through my family, always following the model of In Jin Nim's family. I will attend Lovin' Life Ministries every Sunday to check my growth and reflect on myself.

(5) Kodan Participant (MI)

Dearest Rev. In Jin Moon,

I really appreciate your warm heart and everything you have done for us, such as inviting Mr. Otomo from Japan to give us a wonderful time learning the "Ministerial Counseling of the Completed Testament Age." Through the 2-days of sessions, I learned many things and paradigms, which was amazing content.

I learned that the Second generation is far apart from the 1st generation. Yet the Second generation is actually much closer to God, our Heavenly Father. I repented a lot for my ignorance of their value.

Also, I found that True Parents value them more deeply. It was wonderful timing that I learned this before visiting East Garden to see True Parents. I repented even deeper so that I could appreciate them deeper. I received great forgiveness and a new life through standing for 1.5 hours in front of True Parents. (Father had told us to stand up.)

(6) Kodan Leader (MN)

Dear In Jin Nim,

Thank you so much for giving us the best counselor, Mr. Otomo. We learned very important things about our fallen nature and its solution, and also the relationship between parents and children. The second generation is very precious. They are God's children. I will trust my children more. I will try to be a good example for my children.

We appreciate that you sent us Mr. Kim to support Kodan mothers. We really need him. He is very loving and has a deep heart.

We enjoyed dancing with both children and ministers. It was a wonderful Parents' Day Award program. We are so thankful to you.

(7) Kodan Participant (San Francisco)

This past Kodan meeting was a richer, higher-leveled, and more graceful meeting than any Kodan meetings I had attended until now. I am really grateful that I could attend this wonderful meeting. Now, I need to deliver the contents to local members. I was loved, so now I made up my mind to serve others.

It was Mr. Otomo's lecture that I was shocked by most. I had two opportunities to listen to his lecture in LA and NY, and, through his concrete lecture I could understand God's pain and True Parents' value clearly with each one of my cells. When I think of God's painful heart, I cannot repress my tears. Also, how great True Parents are! They liberated God and brought Him back to His original position. How wonderful their determination and the heart of filial piety is! Mr. Otomo's lecture had such important contents. Again, I would like to apologize to God for the lack of filial piety of human beings, and express my gratitude to True Parents from the bottom of my heart.

Also, I was able to reconfirm the value of my husband through his lecture. I had lived suffering from mental agony from my young age, thinking, "For what was I born?", but now I could live a life of God's will as a blessed family. I am healed by the smiling faces of my children, and feel happiness. I arrogantly thought that it was because of my effort, but, in reality, it was because of my husband. What a wonderful person God gave to me! I keenly felt this.

Mr. Otomo's lecture really shocked me and overturned my view of value until now. It made me repent of myself and naturally understand important points. If I had missed his lecture, it would have been terrible. Thank you very much for inviting Mr. Otomo to America to give the lecture. Now, I have made up my mind to serve God, True Parents, and my husband. Thank you very much!

(8) Kodan Leader (TN)

I did not know how to apply the Principle to my daily life even though Father had discovered the Principle by sacrificing his life. However, when I listened to the Principle, I was convinced that everything in our life could be solved with the Principle. When I listened to Mr. Otomo's lecture, I had a similar feeling.

I was surprised at the fact that, rather than something outside causing us anger, anxiety and resentment, that which originally exists in us, connects with something outside and appears as anxiety and resentment.

Due to the fall of Adam and Eve, human beings inherited fallen nature, and it has already been in us as a seed. I was surprised at the fact that even though we say the right thing, when we say it angrily, our right words cannot reach the original mind of the other. It reaches the fallen nature of the other, following the law of give and take action.

Mr. Otomo's lecture was really simple and practical. Also, his lecture was based on the principle, so it made me think that it could solve not only my own problems but also for all people. I would like to do my best in my Tribal Messiah activities, solving the problems such as anxiety or resentment in our minds.

(9) Kodan Leader (AL)

Through Mr. Otomo's lecture, I came to know for the first time God's sorrowful regret toward Lucifer when He led the providence of restoration after the fall of Adam and Eve.

Until now, I have thought that God could forgive everything because God is the god of love. However, I came to know that it is not easy even for God to forgive when He has seen the fallen situation of His children for billions of years. It was True Parents who liberated such a sorrowful regret of God for the first time. According to the expression of Mr. Otomo, True Parents healed and consoled God of sickness for the first time, and attended Him during his lifetime. I came to know that True Parents have made God the completed True God.

I am very sorry that I do not know the heart of God and True Parents. However, I will be able to understand such a heart of God through the way of the Tribal Messiah. As True Parents liberated the sorrowful regret, resentment, and sadness of God, I will liberate the sorrowful regret, resentment, and sadness in my blood lineage by attending my parents and correcting the relationship with my parents. Through the process, I hope I will be able to understand such a heart of God.

4. Hoon Dok Hae at East Garden (August 1st)

1. General Impressions from Participants:

1) True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind poured limitless love into us. When True Father looked at each of our face, it was as if he charged the heart and love for each of us.

2) True Father made Japanese sisters in America stand for an hour and a half. It was the time when we cleansed our spiritual debts and insufficiency from the past until now, and was also when we were encouraged to make new determination.

3) True Parents said, "Attend the 40-day ocean workshop for women at Yeosu." This was his confirmation for all of us to attend the workshop.

(2) Kodan Leader (TX)

I would like to report my impression centering on my encounter with True Parents. Before attending the Kodan National Meeting, there were many trials in my family. Both my husband and I lost our jobs, and it became financially difficult for us. When my daughter graduated from high school in June, we had to leave our rented house. True Father said, "Throw away any attachments." Heaven made us go through the way of many self denials to break my obstinacy which was my fallen nature.

I met True Parents in such a situation, and it was as if water was poured into dried sands. I was grateful that the living God was with me. I met True Parents on August 1 after an interval of a few years. They had gotten older, but they were in high spirits. True Father, who supervised Hoon Dok Hae, seemed to see the whole with his spiritual eyes.

When Dr. Yang introduced 85 Kodan sisters to Father, saying, "They are Japanese sisters in America, who came here for Kodan National Leaders' Meeting," Father made all of us stand and asked, "To which country do you belong?" At that moment I thought, "Is it America?", but we answered together, "We came from Japan, the Mother Nation." Father immediately asked, "How about Father?", and we answered, "Korea, the Father Nation." Father said, "Then, are you united with Father?", and we answered with loud voice, "Yes." But, Father said clearly, "No, you are not united with me." Father said it with a smile, but how much was Father regretful for us? I have been in America for more than 24 years, and I repented for the fact that I did not practice Father's words in America.

Father said to us in the middle of his talk, "Are you still standing?", so we were about to sit down. But, Father said, "Did I say you can sit down?", so we continued to stand with pleasure. Father sang the song Okina-gusa with us in order to have a heartistic relationship with us.

I remembered Father's words to Kodan sisters in the past, "How many Americans did you witness to since you came to America? Witness to one person every month." After listening to Father's words, how have I made an effort to witness? I thought I had a lot of spiritual debts in front of Father.

Through the very small condition to stand for an hour and a half, Father seemed to cleanse the debt of Japanese members in America and call us again as missionaries of America. Father talked to us with a smile, but I felt as if he said with tears, "I beg you to take care of America!"

In Today's Word, I saw a picture of Sister Takako Fujita who died as a martyr for her faith because she was illegally confined after going back from Texas, and tears came into my eyes. However, she could receive the world-level Seunghwa ceremony. I felt that True Parents are our real parents of deep love. I made up my mind to be proud of myself, who had come from the Mother country to America to love brothers and sisters in America, especially the second generation, and to be willing to practice God's will. Thank you very much, True Parents and In Jin Nim.

(3) Kodan Leader (ME)

I express my gratitude to the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind from the bottom of my heart. I express my gratitude for In Jin Nim's deep love and compassion. I often heard from PresidentH. Inose that In Jin Nim was always concerned with Kodan. It is really this grace by which I am encouraged.

I could attend True Parents' Hoon Dok Hae and directly participated in Lovin' Life Ministries service. Also, I could listen to Mr. Otomo's seminar on the counseling from a new viewpoint and Mr. Kim's teaching on the world of the Korean Culture of Heart. After receiving much grace, I came back to the local church where brothers and sisters were waiting for me.

I could also listen to Professor Oh's lecture on the providential meaning of the "World Assembly to Proclaim the Embodiment of God's Word and the Era of the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind." He clearly explained the importance of the assembly, the heavenly way of re-creation which the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind have walked, and God's wish. I was thankful and grateful for it. Professor Oh's lecture on the providence was really precious for us to understand the heart of the True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind and what they wished for us to do. We attended the assembly in high spirits, but I could understand the meaning only through his lecture. I hope many brothers and sisters could listen to his lecture.

I pray for the health of In Jin Nim who is walking an unimaginable way of filial piety. I am also thankful for In Jin Nim's wonderful family.

(5) Kodan Leader (NM)

Dear True Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind,

During this National meeting I was able to attend Hoon Dok Hae at East Garden for the first time. I prayed that True Parents would be in America after the assembly on 7/24. I wanted to meet True Parents dramatically. On the day before attending Hoon Dok Hae, I listened to Professor Oh's lecture on the current providence. Now, True Father is the embodiment of God and True Mother is the wife of God. They brought a victory in it. Therefore, I attended Hoon Dok Hae with a mind of reporting and praying about my life until then. When we stood for an hour and a half, I repented about myself and made a determination.

By January 13, 2013, I will study the Korean Culture of Heart and Korean language, and I will do my best to connect Americans of the Elder Son Nation to Father as the representative of the Mother Nation. Also, I will make an effort to understand the second generation and connect them to True Parents in the frontline. I express my gratitude from the bottom of my heart for all graces given to me.

(6) Kodan Leader (NY)

When Father was in New York this time, I could attend Hoon Dok Hae many times. Father made Japanese members stand up and called Japanese leaders' name every day. True Parents gave direction to educate Kodan members by the lecture which professor Oh had given in Korea. I was also thankful for a lecture by Rev. Oyamada.

When Lovin' Life Ministries started, sister Hiromi Stephens was assigned to the Blessed Family Department to take care of Japanese families and we saw the DVD of the happy family and listened to Mr. Otomo's lecture. I was curious why heaven was concerned and anxious about Japanese members. Therefore, I asked God the reason why Father made Japanese members stand up every time. However, there was an answer for this question during this past meeting.

When I came back from East Garden after attending Hoon Dok Hae together with 80 Kodan leaders on August 1, someone said, "It reminded me of the time of the 160,000-sister education." I remembered the time when Father had educated 160,000 sisters in Korea and he had invested his love and words into Japanese sisters as the object partners." Then, I realized that Father had loved us in the position of the object partners of heart. I realized that Father asked us to be united with him.

On the last day of the meeting, we could listen to a precious testimony of Mrs. Reiko Kawasaki, the descendant of the Tokugawa family. Father said that Mrs. Reiko Kawasaki was a symbol of peace who connected Korea and Japan. I realized that Father had loved her as the object partner of heart because she was the representative of Japan, the Mother Nation, and our representative as Japanese members living in America.

When a person is in the providential position, Father's heart cannot help but go out to the person. Even though we are insufficient, Father's heart comes to us because of our providential position as the object partner of heart. I came to know such a fact.

I heard that the first achievement of God and True Father was the restoration and completion of Mother. When I saw True Parents' picture thinking of these things, I became aware of one thing. I thought that when Mother happily smiled, Father was happiest. Therefore, I thought that we needed to make an effort to reduce Mother's burden as much as possible, and we had to always live a life of gratitude with a smile. How can we become Father's object partner of heart? What kind of people should we become in order to reduce Mother's burden? God gave me the answer at the Kodan meeting this time.

President H. Inose said in the end of the meeting, "Don't become a slave to convention. Grow out of the old thinking." These are also Father's recent words. When I studied the Korean Culture of Heart this time, I realized many things. I was bound by convention and my own thinking without knowing it. But, I could have a hope that if I learned the heart to attend parents, I might be able to remove the fallen nature which stuck to my blood lineage. I thought that when I learned the culture of heart, I might be able to change myself, who had become stiff without knowing it.

I learned that to attend parents meant:

1) not to let them feel lonely,
2) to let them have an easy life, and
3) to answer the expectation of the subject partner.

And I repented of my past when I let my parents feel lonely. But, I also thought that I might be able to change myself and stand as Father's object partner of heart. Father wants us to stand in the position of his object partner of heart. From now on, I still have to make an effort to fulfill it, but I am really thankful that God educated me and let me realize something important. 

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