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January Condition

H. Inose
January 8, 2010

Brothers and sisters around America:

Happy 43rd True God's Day!

In the beginning of a new year, I pray that the limitless grace of God and True Parents may be poured on you. Also, I pray that this year we will be able to establish the firm foundation of Cheon Il Guk through the joint works of the spirit and physical worlds, together with absolutely good spirits from the 5 Saints in the spirit world down.

The New-year celebrations of the "midnight prayer in 2010," the "Celebration of the 43rd True God's Day, the 9-year anniversary of the Coronation of God's Kingship," and the "Celebration of the 27th Day of Victory of Love" were magnificently held. At the point that we entered from Cheon Il Guk 9 (2009) into Cheon Il Guk 10 (2010), True Parents mentioned that we could overcome the phase of the difficult number 9 and enter into that of the number 10, which meant the victory from the 1-digit to the 2-digit. They said that the 2-digit number meant the vertical and horizontal. In other words, the victory centering on True Parents by 2009 can be vertically and horizontally expanded from 2010. Now, we entered into the age when we can expand True Parents' victory in all directions.

(1) Midnight Prayer

"You allowed us to overcome the peak of the blessing, through which we can unite with God centering on God's blood lineage, and become one body and limbs with God. Now, you gave us the authority to bless and liberate all things after going through hardships for liberation and complete freedom. You allowed us to become the heavenly citizens, who could be thankful for everything in front of God and True Parents. Thank you for opening the world where heavenly loyal retainers, virtuous women, and patriots can attend God and the unfallen True Parents, and freely carry on establishing the Kingdom of Peace.

From today, we stand in the position of the ancestors who act as heavenly substitutes who inherited the full power and mighty of heaven, and who received the blood lineage of the blessing representing the heavenly authority as sons and daughters of True Parents. We will become the owners who can guide all human beings and all things to the realm of liberation of God. We attended here today with determination, so please bless us. We wish that You would allow our heavenly ancestors and our descendants on earth to attend You overcoming 10 and 11 steps, and to become the successors to the authority of the victory of completion of liberation and complete freedom in the daily life. I proclaim and report this in the name of True Parents. Aju. Aju. Aju"

(Unofficial translation from the website of the Unificationism) Then, before writing the calligraphy of the motto 2010, Father blessed us as follows:

"Raise your hands reporting that you keep in mind that it is the time when you received the right of succession as representatives of heaven. May God's blessing be with you. I proclaim this in the name of God and True Parents."

(2) The Celebration of the 43rd True God's Day and the 9-year Anniversary of the Coronation of God's Kingship

True Father: "I wish that you make a new start of hope."

On January 1, 2010, the 43rd True God's Day, there was a celebration for the 9-year anniversary of the "Coronation of God's Kingship" as well as "True God's Day" with True Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Human at Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center in Korea. At midnight on January 1, True Father solemnly offered a prayer, and wrote the calligraphy of the motto 2010, "Mansei of the True Love Realm of Cosmic Sabbath and the Cheongshim-il (Pure Heart One) Manseung-il (Ten Thousand Victory One)." At the commemorative service from 8:00 am at Cheong Jeong Gung Museum, he gave his words for more than 4 hours.

The Age of Unity of the Solar and Lunar Calendars

Father said again and again, "Cheon Il Guk 10 is the age when the solar calendar and the lunar calendar are united." He also emphasized that blessed families should walk following the teaching of Explanation of Divine Principle, Divine Principle, and Original Divine Principle. He emphasized the importance of even numbers, which meant, "God cannot be the absolute existence by Himself. This is the heavenly law also between husband and wife. So, love, moral, and trust are important." (From the website of Chung Pyung Training Center)

The Words such as I, I, You, You, You, or You, or We , or We , or We Originate in God

True Father also said, "The words such as I, I, you, you, you, or we originate in God. So, is it possible to have a concept of Rev. Moon? I, you, and we are all from God. The nation which only God owns is the nation in which I and my house exist. Who is the origin? God! This is a great fact. God taught this to me. So, these are awesome words. Therefore, we, whom God called, cannot be chased away or perish. When I was young, my parents said to me, 'Korea started from God. Therefore, the Korean people who attend God never perish,' even though the Korean people lived being driven away under the Japanese imperialism. I learned it in my childhood." (From KMS News 233)

Explanation of the Motto 2010

True Parents explained the motto 2010 as follows: "'Cheongshim' won means that the 3 steps of past, present, and future; the Old, New, and Completed Testament Ages start from the sea. In Chung Pyung, we can see 3 layers of cloud. Centering on Cheongshim won (garden), everything will be 'Manseung-il.' Everything in the world will be unified, and only God can work freely. For hundreds of thousands of years, our fatherland will exist in a peaceful reign. Know that this is not a dream but a fact. In hope that you will make a new start of hope, I would like to close the time of my speech." (From KMS News 233) Also, "Cheongshim" means the spirit world as well as a pure heart. Father mentioned that the word is also related to the Chung Pyung providence.

True Parents Laid Their Heart Bare with Tears

In this way, True Parents opened the age of immeasurable grace and let us inherit their whole victory. However, we cannot offer Cheon Il Guk as a substantial nation yet, so True Parents laid their heart bare with tears to encourage us to rise up with determination.

"Why do I still go through hardship? My 90-year birthday will come 59 days later, but God has no possession, even a small room. I have gone to Las Vegas 16 times as a king of beggars, but I have no chance to bless the people freely. I am such a miserable man. How should I do? If I live, I need to do God's work. I am the man who was received an official proclamation that I had to live centering on God if I live. Such a man came here without dying.

With what kind of mind did you visit such a man? I have nothing. No house and no people who welcome me! When I stand, when I sleep, when I spend a night, I cannot say useless things. Why such a person can stand as the representative who sends the year of Cheon Il Guk 9 and welcomes the year of Cheon Il Guk 10?"

"What should Father do? I am the person who teaches God to people and teaches His will if there is. If God has love, I teach the love to people. I always teach you God's will with which you can become an owner anytime. Every person wants to receive such a call and mission, doesn't he/she?" (From KMS News 233)

(3) Let's Make a New Start with Determination in Order to Establish Cheon Il Guk Attending God and True Parents!

Through the internet video pictures on True God's Day and the Day of Victory of Love in Korea, I could know In Jin Nim's strong determination to fulfill the desire of God and True Parents in complete unity with True Parents in heart. I could see her seriousness.

In 2010, it is important to unite with God with a pure heart. Attending True Parents' heart, let's march forward in unity with In Jin Nim who works in the frontline of God's providence every day in order to fulfill True Parents' words and vision in America, the Elder Son Nation. Now is the time when the spirit world fully cooperates with us, so in connection with the Chung Pyung providence, let's offer sincere devotion every day, and start anew in one heart in order for America, the Elder Son Nation, to play a role of the filial son in establishing Cheon Il Guk through the joint works of the spirit and physical words! I pray that God's limitless blessing may be with you and your family.

We will start the Kodan condition of sincere devotion in January 2010 as follows. Please as many as possible brothers and sisters participate in this.

21-Day Condition of Sincere Devotion around America


From January 10 (Sun) to 30 (Sat), 2010


1. 21-minute prayer 2. 1-meal fasting (if impossible, 21 Kyungbae)

3. Hoon Dok Hae (Each one decides how to do)

4. To recite "Thank you." Or, read and practice the Bible verse, I Thessalonians 5:6-18 "… Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In every thing give thanks…."


1. For the long life and safety of True Parents; for the victory of True Children

2. For the victory of establishing Cheon Il Guk by January 13, 2013

3. To fulfill the heavenly-called responsibility of America, the Elder Son Nation

4. To bring a victory in Lovin' Life Ministries centering on In Jin Nim's heart, vision, and words (Unity of the 1st and 2nd generations; Enlightenment and education of the 2nd generation; Education of new guests; Mobilization of ACLC and Ambassadors for Peace)

5. Hoon Dok Hae (Reading) of 7 educational materials

6. For the victory of the Original Divine Principle workshop

7. For the victory of the activities of the Tribal Messiah and Hoon Dok Family Church through the joint works of the spirit and physical worlds

8. For the victory of Kodan activities and donation in January 2010 

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