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H. Inose
July 8, 2009

Brothers and sisters around America:

Glory to God!

I pray that God’s limitless blessing is with all brothers and sisters who are devoting themselves day and night to fulfilling the wish of God and True Parents toward America.

Lovin’ Life Ministries centering on In Jin Nim is successfully going on under heavenly fortune. I feel how much God puts His hopes on America. I am sorry to be late for this announcement of the 21-day condition of sincere devotion in July.

True Parents came to East Garden on July 2 and proclaimed very important words on July 3, 4, and 7. Moreover, they had a very important ceremony in order to succeed to their all victories. This time, I would like to inform you of True Parents’ recent situation mainly by using the explanation of Rev. Hideo Oyamada as well as various kinds of news of the “E-Mail Service,” “News for Sharing Grace,” and “KMS News.”

(1) Information about True Parents on July 3

True Parents arrived from Las Vegas in New York at the night of July 2, and on July 3, the next day, they celebrated the 19th 7.1 Jeol at East Garden. True Parents gave us an internal guidance for a historical proclamation for the historical day of the 233rd Independence Day on July 4. They said, “How can we recover the situations of economical bankruptcy, political breakdown, failures of the UN, religious deadlock, and stalemates of thoughts? … How can we deal with it? It is only by the flag of true love. The flag of truth is not two but one. … The flag of true love means the complete unity of God and True Parents.”

Also, True Parents said, “You know True Parents only by words. You do not know the substance of True Parents.” True Father said to True Mother, “Sing a song for them,” and True Mother sang Kagopa in her noble voice. After listening to her song, True Father said, “I have worked in America more than 40 years. This song is an unforgettable song for me when I had to overcome difficult peaks standing alone in front of many people at the rallies in America. This song touches such a heart of mine. Therefore, the heart of Korea is awesome. Even though there are many Americans here, those who have such a heart united with God like this song will inherit God's heart. This happens when you shed tears with the old song of a grandfather. … Now is the time when you should remember this. Therefore, we have to sing the song with such a heart.”

Father also said at the time of holy eating, “This is to attend God and live with God. God is lonely by Himself, so I have to eat together with Him. You need to think in this way. This is the etiquette to attend heaven. You also open your mouths to eat it, and then, in such a ritual, many spirits here and there come and eat with you. You need to live with your ancestors.” In this way, True Parents taught us how to live with the heart completely united with God. Father told In Jin Nim to sing Amazing Grace. After her song, Father said, “I have been persecuted very much in America. I was also thrown into prison. When I went on a speaking tour around America, I had my daughter sing a song. At that time, In Jin sang this Amazing Grace. This high-school-age girl standing in front of people made me cry. I yearn for that time.”

Father also said about Archbishop Ki Hoon Kim, Continental Director of North America, “He is a star. He became a pastor in America after coming to America, and accomplished a great task.” Archbishop Kim answered, “I have been the Continental Director of North America since March this year, and True Father gave me a title of ‘Archbishop’.” He also gave his testimony since his Regional-Director age. Finally, True Father sang Onmaya, and also Daehan-palgyeong with True Mother. Archbishop Kim led the three cheers of Og-mansei, and True Parents left the hall at 9:41 am. At the ceremony this time, after receiving a bunch of flowers and cutting a cake, True Parents said, “All the blessed families in America as well as Korea and Japan are still below the standard as the blessed families which True Parents wish! They are not the embodiments of True Parents’ victory yet! They are not united with the spirit world! True Children are also not united with True Parents! In America, the former President knows the heavenly direction, but he does not follow it.”

Rev. Hideo Oyamada explained these words of True Parents as follows: “True Father is now completely united with God. Seeing from the absolute standard of God, we are very far from it. True Parents strictly scolded us because they tried to cleanse our spiritual debts or conditions of Satan’s accusation. Satan accuses us to drag us into hell, but True Parents strictly scold us in order to make us avoid Satan’s accusation and prevent Satan from instigating any activity. Therefore, we need to understand that True Parents strictly scolded us in order to forgive us for a new start.”

(2) The Ceremony for the 233rd Independence Day of America on July 4

On July 4, Independence Day of America, there was a commemorative ceremony at Manhattan Center in New York, and True Father gave a special speech titled the “Rally for the Settlement of the True Peaceful World and the World of True Parent UN.” In particular, Independence Day this time was the 233rd one, and Father said, “It is the Independence Day to overcome the sorrowful regret of Jesus Christ who passed away when he was 33 years old.” There was a deep providential meaning in this commemorative ceremony at Manhattan Center.

True Parents expressed their regretful heart that tens of thousands of people: children of kindergartens, elementary, middle, and high schools, …. until the President, should have attended this historical proclamation. True Father repeatedly said, “It is an important commemorative ceremony today. It is the general ceremony which totally celebrates the ‘Coronation for the Authority and Liberation of God, the King of Kings,’ ‘True Parents’ Golden Wedding (50-year anniversary),’ ‘the 55th anniversary of the foundation of HSA-UWC,’ ‘the publication of True Parents’ autobiography,’ and ‘the 233rd Independence Day.’ It is the day through which America can inherit all these victories, but the reality is far from it.” True Father sometimes gave his speech with tears. It was a serious time, and we felt very sorry.

The main event in the ceremony for the 233rd Independence Day was to convey True Parents’ words. True Parents’ words are their victorious achievements through the struggle with Satan in True Parents’ life course. True Parents’ words are the fruits of True Parents’ blood, sweat, and tears, which will play a decisive role in establishing the Peace Kingdom. True Parents bestowed:

1)True Family- Gateway to Heaven,
2) Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong (Peace Messages),
3) Family Pledge,
4) Original Divine Principle,
5) VOC theory,
6) Cheon Seong Gyeong,
7) World Scripture,

in True Parents’ place. True Father’s special speech was the same speech at the Party Celebrating the Publication of True Parents’ Autobiography on June 1, titled the “Rally for the Settlement of the True Peaceful World and the World of True Parent UN.”

(3) Hoon Dok Hae at East Garden on July 7

True Parents gave us serious words on the mission of America from now and our responsibility on July 7, from 5:00 am to 9:13 am, extending their departure time for Korea for more than an hour. Father said, “These words are very important words to restore the roots of everything from now on. For a second, day and night changes, and spring changes to summer. New heaven and new earth will come for a second. … The Age Before the Coming of Heaven changes to the Age After the Coming of Heaven for a second. Our destiny changes for a second.”

He also gave a deep message about the Absolute Sex centering on true love. In particular, he repeatedly emphasized the importance of the booklet True Family- Gateway to Heaven at Hoon Dok Hae on July 7. He talked about this booklet as follows: “Those who practice the words in the booklet can go to heaven. You need to educate people to live following the teaching in the booklet. I made this education material before I go to the spirit world. This booklet teaches everything. This is the book for Hoon Dok Hae. I made this booklet in order to eradicate the Satanic world and connect God and Adam which was not in the Satanic world. I gave this material to open the gate of studying it. I made this booklet to establish the tradition on the base of Hoon Dok Family Church, so if you thoroughly read the booklet, the national realm will enter into the realm of settlement all at once. Buy the booklet even by selling your property. Walk as the representative of God and True Parents centering on the booklet. You are the representatives of True Parents, the True King of Kings. Fulfill your mission using the booklet. When you live following the booklet, you can surely enter into heaven.”

Finally, True Father repeatedly emphasized, “Become the representatives and successors of God and True Parents. True Parents gave the education material, so practice True Parents’ words.”

(4) Let’s Inherit True Parents’ Victory

The father-son relationship is a fatal relationship. Therefore, the relationship between True Parents and our Blessed Central Families is fatal. Why were True Parents serious like that? When we consider what they taught, we can understand that they entirely want our Blessed Central Families to bring a victory. Therefore, we need to follow True Parents’ words with absolute faith, inherit all victories of True Parents, and fulfill our mission and responsibility as filial sons and daughters of True Parents.

First of all, let’s attend the 2nd Original DP workshop from August 6 to 10 after sincerely preparing for it. Also, as True Parents said, it is necessary for us to make a tradition of daily Hoon Dok Hae. In particular, let’s learn and practice thoroughly True Family -- Gateway to Heaven and Pyung Hwa Shin Gyeong. Now is the time when True Parents’ victory will be turned into reality. Let’s offer sincere devotion thoroughly, revolutionize ourselves, and offer the month of July as the owners of the harvest time. May God greatly bless you! We will start the Kodan condition of sincere devotion in July 2009 as follows. Please participate in this, brothers and sisters - as many as possible.

21-Day Condition of Sincere Devotion around America

Period: From June 10 (Fri) to 30 (Thu), 2009


1. 21 Kyeong-bae or 1-meal fasting

2. 21-minute prayer

3. To recite “Thank you” more than 100 times


1. For the health and long life of True Parents

2. For the protection, unity, and victory of the True Family

3. For the victory of the 2nd “Education Session Proclaiming the Completion of the Liberated Realm of the Portion of Responsibility in God’s Providential History”

4. For the victory of the Pacific Rim Providence in Korea, Japan, and America

5. For the victory of the Lovin’ Life Ministry centering on In Jin Nim

6. To establish the substantial foundation through the joint works of the spirit and physical worlds by sincere devotion and unity

7. For the victory of Kodan activities and donation in July 2009 

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