The Words of the Inose Family

Hope for 2008

H. Inose
January 21, 2008

Dear District Directors and State Leaders around America,

It is the year 2008, and God and True Parents have a big hope and wish for America. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude for your work.

After True Parents left the USA, I sent a letter to Dr. Chang Shik Yang and Dr. Michael Jenkins to offer our sincere devotion as the condition to start 2008.

About a Special Donation of Sincere Devotion for America as the Elder Son Nation, to begin a new year of 2008, and for the Celebration of True Parents' Birthday

When True Parents came to East Garden last month, while I was directly attending True Parents, I keenly felt how big the mission and responsibility of America is until 2013 as the Elder Son Nation. I felt really nervous about whether or not we could shorten the providence before 2013 depending upon the providence in America, the Elder Son Nation, in 2008.

Therefore, I thought that it is necessary for Japanese members, who also have the mission of Mother Nation in the Elder Son Nation, to offer a special donation of sincere devotion to God and True Parents. I reported this to Dr. Yang on December 26, 2007 and January 4, 2008, and he gave me permission, and I reported to Dr. Michael Jenkins on January 16th, 2008, and he agreed with this idea.

This donation will be for "Celebrating True Parents' birthday" and also for "Starting of the mission of America as the Elder Son Nation in 2008." After gathering this special offering of sincere devotion, I will ask Dr. Yang and Dr. Jenkins to offer this for True Parents' Birthday.

1. Period: until February 5
2. I am planning to gather the donation from not only Japanese members in America, but also American members who want to participate in it.
3. I will write a letter, and send it throughout America. At that time, I will use the word "Special CONDITION of Sincere Devotion".
4. Local Kodan leaders will directly gather the donation in cooperation with all leaders centering on District Leaders around America.
5. I attached a letter addressed to brothers and sisters for their education. Please email it to all families in your District.

As you might also feel, tremendous heavenly fortune is now coming to America. However, I think, sincere devotion and unity are indispensable to make the heavenly fortune bear fruit. Therefore, I would ask your cooperation and guidance in order for brothers and sisters around America to participate in this donation in unity, centering on you, the Leaders, as the representatives of America, the Elder Son Nation.


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