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Special Condition of Sincere Devotion to Welcome True Parents to America in 2007, the Providential Jubilee Year

H. Inose
August 30, 2007

About the "Special Condition of Sincere Devotion to Welcome True Parents to America in 2007, the Providential Jubilee Year" ~ Let's Attend True Parents on Behalf of the Past, Present, and Future

True Parents came to Alaska in the end of August, gathering VIPs of Korea, Japan, and America. They will supervise the fishing tournament, and will cerebrate the days of Pal Jeong Shik and Cheon Bu Chui. Then they will come to East Garden in the beginning of September. True Parents visited America this time for the substantial start of Universal Peace Federation, which will be a providential event.

Then, how should we welcome True Parents? On True God's Day last year, True Father expressed his deep heart emphasizing the importance of making an eternal, heartistic relationship with True Parents. At that time, he told us in front of brothers and sisters who were offering utmost sincere devotion: "In Japan, there are members who seriously attend True Parents, thinking how many times they can meet True Father on earth."

When True Parents came back to America last time, they gave us historical words, "Whoever eagerly wants to attend Hoon Dok Hae at East Garden can attend it." Behind these words, there is really deep love of True Parents who try to make an eternal, heartistic relationship as parents and children with blessed families as much as possible during True Father's lifetime on earth.

Therefore, we who have walked together with True Parents the course of hardship and sacrifice for 34 years in America need to testify to the fruits of True Parents' blood, sweat, and tears in America. We, as children, need to grow and become the owners as the victory through True Parents' difficulty. We need to walk the way of filial children, and comfort True Parents and True Family to whom we have given much anxiety.

Therefore, we need to have a heart to think how I can welcome True Parents to my family, and what kind of sincere devotion I have to offer in order to attend them directly.

In the proclamation in Hawaii on March 19, True Parents said, "What was offered in the name of True Parents will be given to the person again." The more we offer with the heart of attendance and joy, the more we can receive heavenly fortune, and have heartistic relationship with True Parents.

We will offer the condition of sincere devotion to attend True Parents directly on behalf of the past, present, and future. I hope you understand the meaning deeply and participate in this condition. Please ask the Kodan leaders in your area about a concrete method of fulfilling this condition. 

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