The Words of the Ingwersen Family

Urgent Need for Books and Educational Materials for Uganda

Ulf Ingwersen
December 1986

For many years, when people thought of Uganda they thought only of war, violence, and wholesale killings. Now, after a period of over 20 years of confusion, the nation seems to be rising from chaos into a situation where peace again has a chance. Our Unification Church mission in Uganda has gradually developed in the midst of all this. With the recent changes, an atmosphere of renewal has touched the hearts of the Ugandan people, and many new members are now coming into the church.

As the number of brothers and sisters increases, a need is arising for more educational materials, such as books and publications, periodicals, Father's speeches, and other sources of internal guidance. Audio -- visual aids would also greatly assist in our group meetings and gatherings and bring the members closer in touch with the reality of the outside world and our worldwide movement.

Most of our brothers and sisters in Uganda have never seen Father and Mother physically. To enable our members to grow and be deeply connected to our True Parents and the providence, we are sincerely asking for donations from anyone who wants to help enrich the spiritual soil in Uganda.

If you wish to contribute or know anyone who would like to contribute publications or educational aids, we ask you to use the following address:

Education Department P.O. Box 6023
Kampala, Uganda

Our grateful hearts will certainly appreciate all of your kind efforts.

Ulf Ingwersen, national leader of Uganda 

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