The Words of the Ikpot Family

Testimony to our son's Blessing

Chief and Mrs. Charles I. Ikpot
September 1989

Son and daughter-in-law: Charles and Carmella

We happen to associate with the Unification Church through our son. He joined the movement about eight years ago and later his younger sister also joined.

Initially, there were fears, agitation and hesitations on our side to give full consent and support to our son. His desire was so strong and his determination so unbending in his heart for the Divine Principle and the Unification Church. Of course, our fears arose from negative reports and stories that people who knew nothing about Reverend Moon, Divine Principle, or the Unification Church, told us.

There were all kinds of terrible stories that tore our hearts. With George being our first son and a child at the center of our family's heart, coupled with our broken heart, we decided to investigate by studying the Divine Principle and the life of Reverend Moon. The false stories made me, the mother of George, travel for the first time in my life to Lagos in 1982. There I discovered that all the stories were false. I attended a three-day seminar, where I studied, and understood the teachings of Rev. Moon to be the correct movement of God. I studied the Creation, the Fall of Man, and the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. I returned home and narrated the story to the father and the rest at home. We thereby happily offered our children to work in the Unification Church to serve God and humanity. It would take pages if I wanted to say fully the stories we heard about George and his sister Mercy in the Unification Church.

Chief Charles Ikpot -- Mrs. Ikpot

We now understand the Church's teachings of an ideal world through in ideal family. Rev. Moon has been blessing young men and women of the church to fulfill this ideal.

Therefore, we are very proud to be the lucky parents of our son who was recently blessed in holy matrimony by Rev. Moon in South Korea on the 12th of January, 1989. Although we have not physically seen our son's wife, we honestly accept the choice of her by Reverend Moon and we are happy. We only wish we had been there to witness such a wonderful experience, and history. We pledge to support them to grow more and dedicate their lives more to God.

The life of our son has convinced us and other relatives of the wonderful work of salvation done by God and Christ through Reverend Sun Myung Moon. We are also convinced that his work will reach every corner of the world.

We write to encourage other parents and to advise all young people to study the Divine Principle with patience so as to achieve the promises of God, as my son George did.

We congratulate George and Carmella Ikpot!

We say thank you to Reverend Moon! May God continue to use you to draw more young people to God. May God bless your works and the entire church. God bless your entire family. 

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