The Words of the Hiraki Family

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Outreach itself can never be something fancy (Naoko Hiraki - April 3, 2015 pdf)

Building Cheon Il Guk Tribal Messiahship in Los Angeles (Naoko Hiraki - September 21, 2015 pdf)

Tribal Messiahship Best Practices (Naoko Hiraki - October 20, 2015 pdf)

Meet Naoko Hiraki, Tribal Messiah (LA CARP - May 4, 2016 pdf)

Interview of Hitoe Hiraki, CARP LA President (Naokimi Ushiroda - May 6, 2016 pdf)

CARP Los Angeles - an interview with Jermaine Bishop (Naoko Hiraki - May 17, 2016 pdf)

The fruits of CARP USA's Japan trip to meet CARP Japan and CARP Korea (Naoko Hiraki - June 15, 2016 pdf)

CARP Outreach Seminar and Activities - Naoko Hiraki Seminar (Mieko Davies - September 16, 2016 pdf)

A Meeting on the Topic of Witnessing in Hamburg, Germany - Mrs. Hiraki from LA presents her successful concept for finding spiritual children (UIlrich Ganz - September 28, 2016 pdf)

Mrs Naoko Hiraki’s Outreach Seminar in London, UK (Mieko Davies - October 31, 2016 pdf)

Witnessing to Young People – LA Style with Naoko Hiraki - London, UK (Mieko Davies - December 31, 2016 pdf)

Witnessing Breakthroughs on College Campuses in Los Angeles (Naoko Hiraki - August 2017 pdf)

Outreach Workshop with Mrs. Naoko Hiraki in Camberg, Germany (Dieter Schmidt - October 15, 2017 pdf)

FFWPU USA SubRegion 5 Middle School Divine Principle Workshop with Naoko Hiraki (Larry Krishnek - November 11, 2020 pdf)

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