The Words of the Hinson Family

The Turning Point of History is Here!

Nadya (Nancy) Neal Hinson
September 22, 2012

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When I started helping out the National WFWP president, Angelika Selle, on preparations for the 20th Anniversary of WFWP USA called The Turning Point Assembly, I knew something big was about to happen. Little did I know how the turning point would come. It seems to me, that the passing of True Father to spirit world and True Mother's new role of worldwide leadership is the ultimate turning point. Once caught up in the wave of the tsunami, there will be destruction left in the wake and all that is old will be washed away. Those things that remain will be cleansed -- purged in a sense.

The Turning Point Assembly is still on target to start on October 25. The focus is to continue to be the quiet, steady rock of patience, love, and peace that is found in the Mother's heart. Men and women are invited and there will be breakout sessions for both. We will have a panel of distinguished women to inaugurated the Global Women's Peace Network. We will cross the bridge of reconciliation and celebrate the success of 20 years of continuous good work that has been done without big lights, headlines or financing. WFWP can be joyful in the 20 years of good work without looking back with regret.

I hope everyone will join us in the City of Hope, Las Vegas. True Father loves this city. If you can't make it, then help someone to come or place an ad or your personal remarks in the program book. 

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