The Words of the Gyawali Family

Blessing My Homeland

Ram Prasad Gyawali
June 2011

The author, in a suit, at this year's celebration of True Parents Day. His wife is visible just over his left shoulder.

I lived with my Japanese wife in Saitama, Japan, for twelve years after our blessing, returning to Nepal with my family in January 2008. As one of the first blessed families from Nepal, we wanted to do something for the nation and to do tribal messiah work.

Many things have been happening in my hometown, Chitwan, in the three years since my return. Among them, I would like to describe some remarkable occurrences.

We were the only blessed family when we arrived. Only young, single CARP members were living in the church center. At the end of 2008, I was asked to become an FFWPU-Nepal regional director; my mission was to witness to and to teach married couples. Whenever I met people, I would talk to them about True Parents and the blessing. In February 2009, we held a Blessing Ceremony in our church center for twelve married couples including my older brother and his wife and my younger sister and her husband.

Healthy attendance at workshops in Nepal owes much to the members' hard work and perseverance.

The next Blessing Ceremony was in November of that year and our center's goal was to bring a hundred and twenty married couples to it. It seemed such a high goal for us, but I believed that God and those working from the spiritual world had already prepared that number of couples in Chitwan.

I encouraged our core blessed couples to witness. One blessed wife tried hard to witness, but for months it didn't go well. She then prayed seriously and later dreamed of some friends of hers. This did little to raise her expectations, but she visited each of their homes and spoke to them about the blessing. What happened was astonishing; effortlessly and with pleasure, seven couples agreed to participate.

One blessed husband helped me greatly. He would come to the center and work from early morning until late at night. Nevertheless, reaching our goal seemed difficult in the beginning. In fact, though, we succeeded in persuading a hundred and forty-five couples to attend the Blessing Ceremony.

The Original Divine Principle seminar came to Nepal in April 2010. Television broadcasts of the lectures began in December) One peace ambassador, who is the president of his district council, brought twenty people to his home to watch the televised lectures. Afterward, he testified to them that True Father is the Messiah.

I called another peace ambassador, who is the principal of Crystal College, and requested that he introduce the Original Divine Principle seminar in his college. We talked about the seminar and he said that he had happily watched it on television and thought it was excellent material for students. A hundred and sixty people -- students, teachers and parents -- attended. At the conclusion of the seminar, one mother read a poem she had written that repeatedly included the sentiment "Thank you, True Parents."

Through these experiences, the feeling developed in me that God actually wants to witness more than we do. God and those in the spiritual world intensely want to support us, and they do in fact assist us in witnessing.

I am deeply grateful to be here. I feel that Heaven had prepared me for this. I believe that only when we have strong faith in Heavenly Father and True Parents can we be strong and robust and live purposeful lives. 

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