The Words of the Fastiggi Family

Back To Original Health -- Part 2

David Fastiggi
April 1987
Interview by Angelika Selle

David H. Fastiggi, Sc.D., the founder of the World Congress for Peace Through Health, Inc., is the author of The End of Disease.

Question: In your book The End of Disease you discuss what you call the Central Formula Path, or the seven levels of purification. Could you explain a little bit about these levels?

Answer: According to this system, there are seven levels of health beyond the point at which most of mankind is living. Today, most people are in a state of "general health" True physiological restoration begins in level one of the dynamic phase. Level three brings you to the gateway of paradise of the biological body. Usually it is more feasible than people think to reach this point. The experience in this state, as compared to general health or even so-called good health, is like the difference between heaven and hell.

Through using the various dietary methods outlined in my book, an individual can experience a far greater state of physical health at this time than what he may believe possible. People can already begin to use these principles, if they are at all workable within their lifestyle. They will find that their vitality and their ability to produce, to think, to retain information, and to articulate thoughts are all increased by 40 to 70 percent.

I have had members coming to me with serious emotional conditions that were significantly reduced once their brain chemistry was improved through incorporating proper dietary principles. This is not to say that the cause was biological, but one of the basic problems is that evil spirits work in a way you least expect sometimes. You'd never expect that they might be in your dinner plate. About a year ago a sister came to me with suicidal feelings. When she started to purify her body by modifying her dietary program, her suicidal tendencies cleared up. I've seen a number of already existing emotional problems aggravated unnecessarily by an unbalanced body chemistry. Similar examples are protein allergies or severe cases of hypoglycemia.

With allergies, we find out where the allergy is, and if it is a "cerebral" allergy, we try to eliminate the cause of it -- whether it is a particular food that is disturbing the brain chemistry or a condition of altered blood sugar that directly affects the brain. Blood sugar levels can be stabilized through proper wholistic therapy. I have worked with many members on such cases. Ignorance about the care of the body must be eliminated.

In the past 17 years while working with these principles, I have brought about remarkable cures in asthma and bronchitis. I came in contact with a woman who was scheduled for bypass heart surgery due to occlusion of the coronary arteries. She followed the dietary guidelines, and six months later the bypass surgery was cancelled. I have also worked with arthritic patients. In a short period of two months my patients received 50 to 80 percent relief of their rheumatoid arthritis.

A woman once came to me with ovarian tumors the size of oranges. After she followed my instructions for six weeks, they had shrunk to the size of a pea.

In my own experience, when I was a teenager I was plagued with severe acne, which the doctors could do nothing about. When I started following these health principles, I cured myself in three months.

Question: In the course of restoration, how can we church members follow this path of dietary purification?

Answer: My answer is: Always try your best. If you are at a vending machine and there is Coca-Cola and juice, why not choose juice? Since Coca-Cola contains about three to seven spoonfuls of refined sugar, plus phosphoric acid, which is not good for the enamel of your teeth, why not choose that which is much closer to what the body originally wants anyway? Or if you go to a grocery store, why not increase the amount of vegetables and whole grains you buy and reduce the amount of pastries, sausages, and foods that contain little nutritional value.

However, in the course of restoration, sacrifice is the major key. Therefore, if it comes to sacrificing your diet for the sake of the whole purpose, then it must be done. We must differentiate between doing that and deliberately choosing a food that is wrong because we like it. Most of the time, what we eat is a product of habit. We eat the wrong foods because we lack love. This is a major, major problem. Sometimes we are driven to eat sweets and heavily concentrated foods because we feel a void in our lives. Here lies the basic root of compulsive eating. Compulsive eating is largely because of spiritual and emotional problems. We all know and have experienced satisfaction after indulging in certain foods. It satisfies us, but only temporarily.

If the air you breathe is pure, the water you drink is pure, and your emotions and your spiritual life are very strong, the body can handle foods that may not be the best for you. It is a question of what combination of things you are dealing with in your environment that determines the potential for exhaustion on the part of the body. If you are drinking coffee, eating a lot of meat, eating a lot of white flour, breathing polluted air, and are under a lot of stress, this is a bad combination. But if you have a strong spiritual and emotional life and you exercise a lot, the body might be able to withstand things like coffee and sugar much better. (You should try to avoid these, however.) In the ideal world, our bodies will be much more able to dispose of or neutralize substances that are not a hundred percent pure. This is the secret behind Father. He is so connected to God that the meat he eats doesn't have as much of a bad effect upon him as it would upon another person who is already suffering from emotional depression, anxiety, fear, and lack of love. Negative energy already exhausts the body, and if on top of that you eat the wrong food, it's double exhaustion. We all know that when we are spiritually, emotionally, and mentally centered, our digestion is better, our elimination is better, and our overall health is improved.

Everything in the junk food world can be duplicated in the health food world. You can drink beverages that taste similar to coffee but are made of natural whole grains. You can eat natural ice cream; you can have natural soda beverages. You can buy natural candy bars. Everything you see in the junk food world can be produced using healthy ingredients, and it even tastes better. Health foods are more expensive now only because the demand is not yet great enough to bring the costs down.

Question: Even back when I first joined, some of us in the church were wondering how people would eat in the future ideal world.

Answer: In the original world everything we do will be governed by the original mind. The body is the temple of the living God, so the original mind would not want to destroy the body in any way. Our original mind would not allow us to add chemicals to foods if we knew they could damage the body; neither would we pollute the air or the water, which would destroy wildlife and kill the fish in the lakes and ponds, as is happening today.

David Fastiggi's chart showing the different states of physical health.

Question: During the process of restoration, don't we sometimes suffer poor health because of the indemnity we have to pay -- for ourselves or for our ancestors?

Answer: Yes. That's why we're talking about a span of a couple of generations before disease can be ended. Even after one's individual level of indemnity is finished, there's the family level, the national level, etc., not to mention the principle of returning resurrection. In paying for your ancestors' mistakes, you may experience difficulties that may not even be a direct result of your own life pattern. We will not see the original state of humankind in our lifetime, but at least we must establish the fundamental direction toward original health so that several generations from now the potential will be expanded to the state of total immunity to disease. This will happen when the greater amount of indemnity has been paid off, when the spirit world is more cleaned up.

Question: Do you believe in spiritual healing?

Answer: I am very well aware of the validity of spiritual healing because I have worked with this, though I tend not to do it very much. I'm talking about pure spiritual healing, through the laying on of hands or focusing magnetic energy to the solar plexus region of the body.

In 1973 I treated a woman who had just overdosed on heroin; she was unconscious, and all her friends were panicking and shaking her around, slapping her, trying to get her to come out of it. Aware of the danger to her life, I focused all of my energy and concentrated all my spiritual and magnetic fields into her solar plexus. In about one minute she revived.

In another case, one of our sisters was suffering from insomnia; she couldn't sleep at all. After one session with me, through hands-on magnetic healing, that night she slept like a lamb.

Question: Do you have to train yourself to do this, or can anybody do it?

Answer: This is something I just feel naturally, although it can be learned. I didn't take any courses for it. It can be helpful if done responsibly. However, I rarely do this type of healing because I feel that each individual needs to take responsibility to go the restoration path. It is a question of a person paying his own portion of indemnity, restoring himself through following the system we've talked about, as opposed to someone intervening or spiritually applying that magnetic energy from outside. This might relieve the condition temporarily but does not change a person's lifestyle, which might have brought on the condition to begin with.

For me, the original health concept of restoring the body through changing the lifestyle is more important. That's what is lasting -- following the law of the earth. That's how it should have been in Eden -- pure fruit, pure vegetables, pure grasses and grains, pure water, pure atmosphere, pure body, pure spirit, and therefore, no disease.

Question: What about the chemicals we consume daily in our foods?

Answer: In this country we have a serious problem of drug infiltration into the human body -- not only through street drugs but through the drugs in processed foods. There are over 1,000 chemicals added to foods, and many have been found to cause allergies. These chemicals are included for commercial reasons -- to make the foods look brighter in the aisle of the supermarket, to make them softer, to make them taste better. Chemical flavorings are cheaper to produce than natural flavorings and easier to preserve. There are also the many dangerous pesticides, herbicides, and chemical fertilizers used on produce.

While this may not be noticeable biologically in the short run because the amounts are small, after 30 years' time there might be consequences. There is the recent case of a chemical called EDB (ethylene dibromide) that was used for some 30 years in this country in grain products and citrus crops. Last year the Food and Drug Administration began a motion to ban EDB because of its cancer-causing properties.

Now our government is selling a lot of chemicals to third world countries, chemicals that have been banned in this country. The third world is poisoning itself with chemicals we would not think of using here, all in the name of money.

Factories are producing these chemicals because of the lack of spiritual awareness among biochemists, because of their insensitivity to the consumer. It always comes back to the vertical line. We have to remember to keep the spiritual, emotional, and mental aspects of health in the subject position.

Question: How do you know these dietary principles are true?

Answer: Through 10,000 hours of fasting, 12 years of scientific research, and communication with God and professors in the spiritual world, I am positive these principles are true. What I'm trying to do is bring a deeper understanding of the connection of the vertical and the horizontal -- which can help us more quickly build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. I have seen these health principles work not only clinically. I think it is safe to say that they are true from a historical point of view, when we look at cultures with and without disease.

Some members might feel that everything is spiritual, that we don't have to pay attention to our diet. But we know we shouldn't take drugs, smoke, or drink. What about the drugs in our foods and the environment! Even the wrong combinations of foods produce poisons in the body. So it stands to reason to me that we have to straighten up this level.

This is not to say that everything is physical; I emphasized before that the spiritual is more important; but we are talking about getting back to the original world. We are thinking about what should have been.

It always comes back to purity. What is the original state of the air, water, food, earth, and thus the body, which is born out of the earth? The book of Ecclesiastes says, "From dust we came. What kind of dust? Dust with radioactivity in it from nuclear waste? Or pure dust, pure original elements, pure original atoms? What I am trying to teach is how to get back to that state, combined with the work of the third Adam.

Question: Why do you feel people are becoming more aware of improving their health at this time?

Answer: We have to expect at this time in providential history that there will be a solution to the questions of nutritional science, transcendent of all cultures, based upon God's principles. In 1970, when I was 18, I was aware of these principles, but I waited twelve years before I started teaching them. From a historical, providential view I could not teach these concepts fully until after the children's course had begun in 1981. For 12 years I prayed and asked God many times if they were true. Whenever I questioned them, God would scold me and say, "Don't ever forget what I showed you in the beginning," and He would assure me that He would end all disease in the very near future -- forever, based on what He showed me.

Just as there is a formula course for the restoration of the spirit, there is a formula course for the biological restoration of the body. You must enter back into the womb of your mother -- the Earth -- and be born again. The Central Formula Path leads to the ascension rebirth experience at level four. It is like entering the Completed Testament Age in the biological sense. This is the grafting point, grafting a person back to the earth. It is through reaching level four that the DNA in our cells, carrying the genetic code of life, begins its restoration path.

At level four you are immune to almost all disease. At this level the electromagnetic fields of the body become greatly balanced. The chakras open, and the flow of magnetic energy flows correctly through the meridians. Additionally, the electrons orbiting the protons on a molecular level in your body are more balanced. On a sub-atomic level, spiritual energy and molecular energy resonate together. This is where we have the beginning of the physiological change of the blood line. This is where we have rebirth. Being grafted into the Earth is the essence. All disease can be ended through being born of Heaven and Earth. This is the hope for all mankind -- to end disease forever.

I know that this may sound strong. There is so much more I would like to say. The truth that the Messiah teaches brings new life to the spirit, and on that foundation we can have new life for the body. The redemption of the body is now upon us. This is the time in history to build the kingdom of health on earth. It is a time of joy, a time of hope. God and True Parents have created the foundation for this message to be revealed. When the Blessing from True Parents is combined with this system of purification of the body, the most internal, the most subtle energies, are changed. From this point, restoration of our original body takes on the fullest meaning. This message is very important for our blessed children. It is their inheritance and their birthright to live with immunity to all forms of disease. 

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