The Words of the Doherty Family

In Memoriam Reiko Matsuura Doherty

December 21, 1989

Reiko and Matthew Doherty with their daughter Ameliah

On December 21, 1989, Reiko Matsuura Doherty ascended into the spirit world as a result of an auto accident in Seattle, Washington. The Sunghwa ceremony in Seattle on December 26 was attended by over 200 people from many parts of America and Japan. The messages read from Mr. Kuboki and Mr. Furuta and the eulogies given by Regional Director Yu and President Joo Chan Chai of International Oceanic Enterprises conveyed the depth of Reiko's love and loyalty toward God and True Parents.

Reiko was born in Amagasaki City in Hyogo Prefecture on November 15, 1956. She joined the church in February 1975 after meeting an IOWC team member, and later that year graduated from Denyengakuen Women's High School, where she was active in track and field sports, especially the high jump. In 1977 she received a degree in education from Yamate Women's College in Kobe while also being active in the Unification Church. She was blessed to Matthew Doherty in Madison Square Garden in 1982. After serving as a state member in Wyoming during 1983, she joined her husband who currently is the fleet manager of the US Marine Corporation in Kodiak. Their daughter, Ameliah, was born in Alaska on January 12, 1987. She was also injured in the accident but is recovering well.

All of us who know Reiko feel her loss to our community very much. A loving wife and wise mother, her dedication to our True Parents will live eternally, and we are sure that she will desire to serve our Father in heaven as loyally and seriously as she did for her 33 years in the physical world. Reiko is survived by her husband, daughter, father, mother and two brothers. 

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