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Invitation to July 7 witnessing event: Seminar on 5 Principles of Peace

Brian Dirige
July 2, 2012


This is to inform that witnessing event in Japan is now being organized with the support of PUCMJ (Philippine Unification Church Ministry in Japan) and UPF-Phil. We would like to extend the invitation to interested members of IFA who would like to learn how to lecture the 5 Principles of Peace of the UPF which is now the material being used in Philippines in the Peace Blessings mobilizations. It is an approach to introduce the True Parents and core values of Unification Church teachings. The lecturer will be our very own Sam Nagasaka, hoping his schedules will be finalized:-)

For those who would like to attend please contact below and mention number of people attending. Thanks in advance.

Brian Dirige and Lorie Shiokawa

WHEN: July 7, 2012 (Saturday), 12 nn-4 PM

WHERE: Life Community Center, Rainbow Building, Nishi-Magome, Ota-ku,Tokyo

ACCESS: 2 minutes from station / Toei-Asakusa Line / Nishi Magome Station/ West Exit Go up 3 levels. From the ticket gate, turn right. You see building with rainbow paint across the street near FamilyMart and Koban.


This is an event inspired by success of the Blessing event in Sultan Kudarat, Philippines last March 31,2012 and the tireless ongoing mobilization of our Filipino brothers and sisters in the Philippines for the preparation of the Visayas and Manila Peace Blessing this year. From April 1,2012, some few brothers and sisters already started organizing this event that will provide us a good opportunity to connect our Filipino community and extending to English speaking foreign friends to the Providence. It is also a chance to revive our spirits and inspire each other and be aligned to the works and mission of our True Parents particularly before the awaited D-Day.

This is under the banner of Universal Peace Federation (UPF)-Philippines with the permission and support of the current UPF-Phil. President, Prof. Joseph Navalta. Now is the time for us family members here in Japan to find an avenue to introduce True Parents and the Interfaith Peace Blessing to English speaking foreigners in Japan.

We would like to encourage everyone to widen our responsibilities and take part in this witnessing mobilization. Even if you have no invites, please come and learn how to lecture the 5 Principles of Peace

Next Steps:

There is a plan to replicate same events to different parts in Japan to be followed by Divine Principle lectures as follow-up to guests. We will send details of schedules of how you can join practice lecture sessions.

We invite non-members to the August 30,000 Blessing 20th(Emerald) anniversary celebration and showcase families, 2nd generation, couple testimonies, Blessing video, True Parents autobiography book intro etc.

My kind regards,

Brian Dirige 

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