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Right Honorable Ek Nath Dhakal appointed Cabinet Minister

Robert Kittel
May 17, 2012

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Just before 12:00 noon yesterday, the 26th day of Leap Month by the Heavenly Calendar (May 16, 2012 solar calendar) Rt. Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal took the Oath of Office at the office of the President of Nepal becoming the youngest Cabinet Minister. Rt. Hon. Dhakal's Cabinet portfolio will be decided in a day or two.

Immediately after being sworn in he came to the Peace Embassy, changed into his Nepali dress and prayed in the 4th floor prayer room with his wife and all brothers and sisters. He gave honor to God and True Parents, international leaders including our International President's couple, our Regional President and his wife, and the Nepalese members and international advisers/supporters who sacrificed so much for this moment to take place. He pledged that his was an opportunity to serve his nation more; an occasion to sacrifice more for God's providence in Nepal.

Not by chance, the day he was appointed Cabinet Minister was also the first day of the new series of ODP broadcasts on national television. The teachings of our True Parents are being rebroadcast on "Nepal TV." This is the government-owned and government-operated television station. It reaches everywhere in Nepal and via cable to millions internationally. Broadcasts are being aired at 8:30 AM which is prime viewing time. They are telecast on Wednesday and Thursday each week and will run for nine weeks.

There were exactly 12 days left before the new constitution must be finalized and the new government must be formed. And in 12 days' time the government will change. It is a whirlwind of activities, politically and spiritually speaking. The previous government was a Maoist-led coalition of parties with nearly 50 Ministers. This is a consensus government led by the Maoists (the largest political party) and will have just 25 Cabinet Ministers. This current government is very historic; it will usher in the new constitution and new government. Most importantly however, because Rt. Hon. Ek Nath is a Cabinet Minister it means our True Parents are also part of this government.

For the first time since the Peace Process began all parties will have representation in this government, including the minority parties. The only job of this current consensus government is to promulgate the new constitution and form a new government.

The Peace Process and the founding of UPF-Nepal began on the same day – Nov. 22, 2005. This was the day our True Father came to Nepal and spoke to an overflow crowd of 4,500 people launching the UPF-Nepal chapter. The MOU between the Maoists and the government was also signed on the very same day. So, they are twins -- UPF-Nepal and the Peace Process born on the same day. And now the Cain-Able switch is taking place on a national level.

Conditions set behind the scenes:

Our True Parents' life of complete sacrifice embodying the essence of God.

Our Regional President, Dr. Chung Sik Yong, is a heavenly force guiding, pushing and sacrificing for our Asia region and the nation of Nepal. For example, at this moment SaMoNim is working in Taiwan to raise funds to support the Nepal providence. Her heart is that, 'We must gain one nation for our True Parents at any cost.'

Blessie Dhakal, Rt. Hon. Ek Nath's wife, just finished a 40-day condition in Cheong Pyung.

Rev. John Paul Hong, the special representative of Chairman Kook Jin Moon, finished a four-day trip to Nepal, May 11-14. He gave the "Strong Korea" presentation to AFP and members, presided over the UN IDF celebrations as Special Guest, paid a courtesy call on the Vice- President of Nepal, met more than 100 members in our National Training Center, visited the Sun Hwa International Academy and took the mountain flight to see Mt. Everest (following the path of our True Parents).

The UPF-Nepal just finished holding programs celebrating the United Nations International Day of the Family (UN-IDF) in 15 cities throughout. UN-IDF was May 15, 2012.

Nepal is in the process of sending 21 members to India. They will leave in a few days and go to 12 Indian states to make Holy Grounds. Dr. Yong will come to bless these 12 Holy Grounds and conduct two International Leadership Conferences in Mumbai and Chennai. The dates according to Heavenly Calendar are Forth Month 12-18 (June 1-7 solar calendar).

Nepal sent the largest contingent of delegates to the Mindanao, Philippines Interfaith Peace Blessing Festival, March 29-31. This included the highest ranking political office, the former Deputy Prime Minister, and four current Nepalese Congressmen were among a delegation of 17 people from Nepal. Within a week of returning to Nepal from the Philippines, the Nepal Army took control of the Maoist People's Liberation Army (PLA) cantonments, combatants and the weapons. This was a major breakthrough in Nepal's Peace Process.

Thank you,

Robert Kittel 

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